What does enuf mean?

enuf means Enough

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What is the abbreviation for Enough?

Enough can be abbreviated as enuf
Other shorthands for Enough are: NUF, dooze, enuff, enof, nuff
What does enuf mean? It stands for Enough
enuf - Enough in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having enuf

Why accept nonsense! It is time for India to rise against #ModiSarkar. Being divisive/thoughtless wasnt enuf, its now the biggest scamster.

By the way, I never compared Trump to Jesus. I said the media of his day had Jesus crucified meaning even perfection isn't enuf for them.

Watch! Way 2 much of me singing/not enuf of @Beyonce.. But me & my #Hamfam had SO MUCH FUN @ her concert! She slays!

@lilacleondre dont know im enuf..

I've been told I don't use enuf charts in my stories. Therefore, I will be using charts more frequently starting now

Barkley disparagingly says KD is chasing ring. Hilarious! U mean like U did, joining champion Rockets. Hakeem not even good enuf 2 carry U

@wendi_c_thomas I cannot believe that we are ending 2016 w/ the central media criticism being that we did not pay enuf attn to white ppl

3. Holland Tunnel and four Port Authority train stations. If Christie involved in that punishment, same for lane closings. Not enuf evidence

Trump suggests accusers weren't attractive enuf to have merited his attention & takes swipe at Hillary's looks too.

Indian innings doesn't last long after lunch. 455 is healthy score defend, yet not enuf to intimidate England. Test interestingly poised!

More Comments with enuf...

"...can't get enuf - Until enuf is enuf - And then it's too much..."

We project Sanders needs to win by 7 points in PA to be on track for the nomination. Being down 22 not good enuf

Not giving permission is not enuf. Needed was to have been proactively preemptive by sealing ammunition stores..

Cause I felt safe if I respected him. I was sitting near the dibbuk box durin interview. That was close enuf

No cop would EVER arrest my white kids 4 not doing enuf 2 stop other ppls fight. Watching while black is now a crime

If politics is abt whos going to get u pumped enuf or feel warm & fuzzy inside, you're doing it for the wrong reasons.

Old guy: I luv hiphop its my jam cant get enuf od furniture fuk da police! Me: aha fuk off old guy u dont even no childish bambeano

Not enuf heft in Pune batting to build on Smith's sparkling knock. 160 looks modest for Mumbai. But we've seen an upset earlier today!

Crystal's #'s r up enuf to come home today. 3-week stay at Roswell is over. Full recovery from BMT takes up to 6 months. Keep her in prayers


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does enuf stand for?
enuf stands for "Enough".
How to abbreviate "Enough"?
"Enough" can be abbreviated as enuf.
What is the meaning of enuf abbreviation?
The meaning of enuf abbreviation is "Enough".
What is enuf abbreviation?
One of the definitions of enuf is "Enough".
What does enuf mean?
enuf as abbreviation means "Enough".
What is shorthand of Enough?
The most common shorthand of "Enough" is enuf.