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2 To    
2 Too Add    
22 Tutu    
143 I Love You (letters in each word)    
2C4U Too cool for you    
2DFM Too dumb for me    
2FB Too Freaking Bad    
2h2h too hot to handle    
2L8 Too Late    
2MR Tomorrow    
2U2 To You Too    
458 I love you    
4EVER Forever    
4n Foreign    
4RL For real    
4ward forward    
@@-O Tattletale    
a Hey    
A3 Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime    
AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact    
ADDY Address    
ADM Ay Dios Mio    
ADPIC Always Dependably Politically Incorrect    
AFAICS As Far As I Can See    
AFAIK As Far As I Know    
AFAYC As Far As You're Concerned    
AFDA A Few Days Ago    
AFDB A Few Days Back    
Agl Angel    
AHFY Always here for you    
AISI As I See It    
ALT Associazione Italiana per la Lotta Alla Trombosi    
Alt A lot    
ALT A Lot of Talents    
AMA Ask Me Anything    
AML All My Love    
ANFSCD And Now for Something Completely Different    
AOMM Always On My Mind    
ASAIC As Soon As I Can    
ASP After Show Party    
ATM At The Moment    
Attwaction Attraction To A Twitter User    
Attwicted Addicted To Twitter    
ATW All The Way    
AWHFY Are We Having Fun Yet?    
AWOL Absent while online    
AYC Are you coming    
AYPI And Your Point Is?    
AYSOS Are You Stupid or Something?    
B/C Because