What does DF mean?

DF means Dear Fiance

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What is the abbreviation for Dear Fiance?

Dear Fiance can be abbreviated as DF
What does DF mean? It stands for Dear Fiance
DF - Dear Fiance in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DF

Adios DF nunca te quise.

Luis Tiffaine (@LuisTiffein) , nuevo director general de #GrupoSexenio

asfdkddj;lslajkalsbdk;df THE SHIRT

Cagliari df Pisacane, 32, in tears in mixed zone on day of his Serie A debut. When was 14 was paralysed and in coma

@wroetoshaw @KSIOlajidebt afdhsdfh dfhfd hdd hdd hdd hh df

Motoristas e professores do DF fazem protesto contra PEC do teto de gastos #G1

Daqui a pouco, as meninas do Audax/Corinthians tem jogo decisivo com o Cresspom-DF pela Copa do Brasil Feminina. Vale vaga na final!

usually ion do dis.. but df be wrong w/ mfs.

Alberto Fraga (DEM-DF), ex-Tenente-Coronel da PM, eleito presidente da CPI da Lei Rouanet.

Se aproxima quedada en Mexico DF, quien dijo yo?

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KASHIF - The Mood Arista Records / 1983 | DF

MATT Forte Clay MATTHEWs #HurricaneMatthew Df

Policiais e bombeiros cercam escola ocupada por estudantes no DF:

The official launch of Defend with Pride, the DF LGBTA Network #nationalcomingoutday2016


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What does DF stand for?
DF stands for "Dear Fiance".
How to abbreviate "Dear Fiance"?
"Dear Fiance" can be abbreviated as DF.
What is the meaning of DF abbreviation?
The meaning of DF abbreviation is "Dear Fiance".
What is DF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DF is "Dear Fiance".
What does DF mean?
DF as abbreviation means "Dear Fiance".
What is shorthand of Dear Fiance?
The most common shorthand of "Dear Fiance" is DF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DF in term.