What does Alt mean?

Alt means A lot

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What is the abbreviation for A lot?

A lot can be abbreviated as Alt
Other shorthands for A lot are: BUKU, alot
What does Alt mean? It stands for A lot
Alt - A lot in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Alt

ctrl+alt+delete 2016

Glad Facebook got around to cutting off supply of fake news and Twitter stopped producing alt right hate bots before anything bad happened.

Don't use "alt-right". It's an increasingly effective branding move for authoritarian white supremacists. Each time we use it, we help them

.@GlennBeck: The alt-right is real and it is "truly terrifying"

.@glennbeck: Steve Bannon, Breitbart News have empowered the alt-right and must be stopped

The ultimate mainstreaming of the alt-right: bringing neonazism in from the cold and giving it West Wing power.

Twitter Initiates Mass Purge Of Alt-Right Accounts Following Trump Victory

We must stand united in opposition. We must deny the alt-right its say. More than half the nation did not choose this. We are the #NewLeft.

I'm no longer using the term "alt right" because y'all clearly don't get that it's just "white supremacy" in khakis.

Radio interviews reveal how Stephen Bannon flattered and coaxed Donald Trump on policies key to the alt-right

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CONFIRMED: Politico Ran Laughably Fake Story On Alt-Right Voter Suppression

A Trump supporter celebrates Trump's victory earlier today on one of Reddit's alt-right nesting grounds.

How Bannon flattered and coaxed Trump on policies key to the alt-right. Our story on their 1-on-1 radio interviews.

Mir sooo egal wie alt ihr seid, solange ihr zur Tour kommt um die Mukke zu feiern und abzugehen. Will keinen Personenhype oder Fangeschreie.

Toronto police investigating alt-right posters as a hate crime:

Priebus rewarded for his abject, Renfro-like loyalty. Bannon will walk the alt-right into the White House. #DayFive

Lady GaGa comes out as alt-right. #ImVotingBecause

More than half of people who know about the alt-right have a favorable opinion of it.

.@glennbeck just declared war on the alt-right, "grave threat to the republic." The coming civil war in conservative media is gonna be epic.


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What does Alt stand for?
Alt stands for "A lot".
How to abbreviate "A lot"?
"A lot" can be abbreviated as Alt.
What is the meaning of Alt abbreviation?
The meaning of Alt abbreviation is "A lot".
What is Alt abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Alt is "A lot".
What does Alt mean?
Alt as abbreviation means "A lot".
What is shorthand of A lot?
The most common shorthand of "A lot" is Alt.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Alt in term.

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