What does LMK mean?

LMK means Let Me Know

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What is the abbreviation for Let Me Know?

2 ways to abbreviate Let Me Know
Let Me Know can be abbreviated as LMK
Other shorthands for Let Me Know are: Lemeno
What does LMK mean? It stands for Let Me Know
LMK - Let Me Know in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having LMK

need to marry non-US citizen before election, hmu lmk~

im gonna film a video everyday for the next ten days , lmk what kinds of videos u wanna see

For everyone thinking about a 4 year break from USA, I recommend spending some time in India. Terrific opportunities. LMK if I can help.

Also (just in case) if there's any Canadian smashers that wanna house me four the next four to eight years lmk

@JivDude yah dude illl write to you via messenger owl. Lmk when you get it

Damn , there's not much news today to make a quality #DramaAlert If you have a lead on something LMK

Wait, the "Did Trump oppose the Iraq War?" debate is happening again? Whom do I need to talk some sense into? Lmk!

Hey @AdamSchefter know you're into hand injuries. Unblock me & I'll let you use this pic without suing for violation of my HIPAA rights, lmk

You guys like another video explaining this chem stuff? More info has appeared, can be a lot clearer in the info. lmk.

kevin have you heard if the spurs are planning to officially sign former grantland university guard shea serrano lmk

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Pins are in production, but the store is open for orders now -- I made it quick so lmk if there are any problems

Also if you're facing long lines this AM lmk. I'm thinking about how lines and waits affect turnout

Anyone who bought a #KhloesHope T-shirt & is attending Paranormal Campout this wknd lmk! Also, help Khloe #FIGHTCF

MWR Wagers lmk

Does it get any better than a @KeithUrban serenade? LMK. #CMAawards50

if any1 playing h1 scrims needs one lmk

Related PSA: I'm stockpiling Plan B and I will give it to you if you need it. I'll mail it to you. Please LMK.

I think @JBDangLez and I will be needing 1 for the UMG 1nD at 1AM EST! LMK!

Choppa dunks & I rented a car for tonight and are delivering food to a few people that tweet/ snap us Lmk if u want snacks fam


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What does LMK stand for?
LMK stands for "Let Me Know".
How to abbreviate "Let Me Know"?
"Let Me Know" can be abbreviated as LMK.
What is the meaning of LMK abbreviation?
The meaning of LMK abbreviation is "Let Me Know".
What is LMK abbreviation?
One of the definitions of LMK is "Let Me Know".
What does LMK mean?
LMK as abbreviation means "Let Me Know".
What is shorthand of Let Me Know?
The most common shorthand of "Let Me Know" is LMK.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word LMK in term.