What does ATM mean?

ATM means At The Moment

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What is the abbreviation for At The Moment?

At The Moment can be abbreviated as ATM
Other shorthands for At The Moment are: FTM, TMA, am, ITM
What does ATM mean? It stands for At The Moment
ATM - At The Moment in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ATM

Rahul gandhi standing in queue outside ATM sounds like vijay mallya standing outside wine shop to buy beer!-by Virendra Shehwag

Delhi: People in the ATM queue from last whole night in Mayur Vihar #DeMonetisation

On cnn18 @bhupendrachaube misleads a villager in atm line. Tells him he will be inked when he takes money from bank. So can take only once.

Housewife 'jumps to death' after futile ATM visit via economictimes

To queue for several hours to find an empty ATM for Rs 2,000 of your own money is no fun. Execution of an idea as important as the idea.

Meanwhile in a Q at ATM she looked in his eyes. She: I don't have a boyfriend. He: Tu kuch bhi Kar le bahen, line me agge nahi Jane dunga.

Been in ATM lines twice now. At least in Udupi, disciplined crowds and *overwhelming* support for Modi. Even senior citizens not complaining

Yoohooo... No Queue Relaxed Atmosphere ATM Working @HDFC_Bank Bhopal @India_MSM

Maybe we can call this ATM calibration issue a Why-2K problem?

Went to three ATMs. None are functional. Overheard: ATM ki Tarah bjp ki dukaan bhi band hogi ab. #Demonetisation

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Don't forget I'm doing a digital signing over on @facebook atm!! All the info is here

Ive worn my ABUAD hoodie like 10times since i got it! Its my most precious clothing atm!! Full sentimental

Largest ATM maker says will take 45 days to physically recalibrate all machines Wasn't Arun Jaitley aware of this?

Initially, ATM meant "All time Money". Now it stands for - "aayega tab milega": West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee

Retweet kalau Kartu ATM kamu pernah hilang atau ketelan!

Blind man loses savings after asking man to help him withdraw money at Johor Baru ATM

who is going to tuck me into bed and feed me chicken tenders with ranch and also pay the $3 ATM fee I just paid ?

Polisi: Dengan E-Tilang, Pelanggar Cukup Transfer Denda Melalui ATM.

We United. We legit. We brothers @Sjava_ATM @Saudi_rsa. @african_trap


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does ATM stand for?
ATM stands for "At The Moment".
How to abbreviate "At The Moment"?
"At The Moment" can be abbreviated as ATM.
What is the meaning of ATM abbreviation?
The meaning of ATM abbreviation is "At The Moment".
What is ATM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ATM is "At The Moment".
What does ATM mean?
ATM as abbreviation means "At The Moment".
What is shorthand of At The Moment?
The most common shorthand of "At The Moment" is ATM.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word ATM in term.