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Look through 1923 acronyms and abbreviations related to Banking:

15K Fifteen thousand    
A&L Assets and Liabilities    
AA Agricultural Assistant    
AAV Accountholder Authentication Value    
AAVS Automatic Add-Value Service    
AB Accepted Bills    
ABA American Bankers Association    
ABCDE Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics    
ABCP Asset-Backed Commercial Paper    
ABF Asset-Based Financing    
ABI American Bankruptcy Institute    
ABIA American Bankers Insurance Association    
ABK Ahli Bank of Kuwait    
ABL Allied Bank Limited    
ABM Assistant Branch Manager    
ABM Automated Banking Machine    
ABN Algemene Bank Nederland    
ABN-AMRO Algemene Bank Nederland - Amsterdamse Bank-ROtterdam Bank    
ABO Accumulated Benefit Obligation    
ABOM Association of Bank Officers Malaysia    
abs audited balance sheet    
ABSA Absa Group Limited|Amalgamated Banks of South Africa ("ab-sa")    
ABSA Amalgamated Banks Of South Africa (ab-sa)    
AC annual closing    
AC Air Conditioner    
ACB Asia Commercial Bank    
ACCRD Accrued    
ACF Account Credit Facility    
ACh Automated Clearance House    
ACIB Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers    
ACMB Absa Corporate and Merchant Bank    
ACMB Alexandria Commercial and Maritime Bank    
AD Acknowledgement of Debt    
ADA Advance Deposit Account    
ADB African Development Bank    
ADB Asian Development Bank    
ADB Average Daily Balance    
ADBL Agriculture Development Bank Limited    
ADBP Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan    
ADCB Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank    
ADDP American Dream Demonstration project    
ADIB Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank    
ADMN administration    
ADX Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange    
AF All Funds    
afbc Australasian Finance & Banking Conference    
AFBS Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland    
AfDBG African Development Bank Group    
AFFN Armed Forces Financial Network    
AFSB Allstate Federal Savings Bank