What does ATM! mean?

ATM! means At The Moment

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
Particularly in Chat Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for At The Moment?

At The Moment can be abbreviated as ATM!
Other shorthands for At The Moment are: ATM, FTM, TMA, ITM, am
What does ATM! mean? It stands for At The Moment
What does ATM! mean? - Definition of ATM! - ATM! stands for At The Moment. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ATM!

Never Trumpers jumped off GOP, but Hillary so corrupt they are jumping back on; "Jump to Trump" new Olympic sport. Gov't can't be HRC's ATM!

just wanted to say: i'm super happy atm!

So many lies going around atm!!!!

New video will be up soon, just uploading atm!! :)

Heard some really great things about the support #GiveItUp is getting at radio atm!! Make sure you're Shazaming it when you hear it! @Shazam

Tomorrow we're hiding 10 tickets to advanced screenings of the new @SeeMotherDay movie inside our Cupcake ATM!

.#NowWatching brand new video from @FifthHarmony, #WriteOnMe these gals can do no wrong ATM!

To all who's waiting for @douwe_bob to come back to the Dutch commentators booth... He will! He's a bit busy atm!

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What does ATM! stand for?
ATM! stands for "At The Moment".
How to abbreviate "At The Moment"?
"At The Moment" can be abbreviated as ATM!.
What is the meaning of ATM! abbreviation?
The meaning of ATM! abbreviation is "At The Moment".
What is ATM! abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ATM! is "At The Moment".
What does ATM! mean?
ATM! as abbreviation means "At The Moment".
What is shorthand of At The Moment?
The most common shorthand of "At The Moment" is ATM!.