What does IOU mean?

IOU means I Owe You (Promissory note)

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What is the abbreviation for I Owe You (Promissory note)?

I Owe You (Promissory note) can be abbreviated as IOU
What does IOU mean? It stands for I Owe You (Promissory note)
IOU - I Owe You (Promissory note) in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having IOU

This isn't Hillary's speaking fee list. This is her IOU list:

Check out what Vivienne is getting up to with #IoU - CLUB NIGHT for 18-25 year old's at The Box, Soho!!!

How to Memorize the Quran More Effectively - IOU Blog #Quran #Muslims #life #faith

5. IOU: The EIGHT players that owe their careers to Marcelo Bielsa -

#IOU Blog: How to Memorize the Quran More Effectively #Quran #Muslims #life

@ThornsFC we are waiting for our IOU

My @blindskate IOU part from November 2015. Retweet if you've seen it. Thanks! #blindskateboards #tbt

Journalist tries to pay a bar tab in Chattanooga by leaving them an IOU written on a Politico business card:

Last two biggest games in the Bay Area - Warriors lose game 7 ... And that. Universe coming back for that IOU.

#IOU Blog: A Letter to My Heartbroken Children #Islam #Quran #life #Muslims #faith #Society

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Meanwhile in China: Nude pics as IOU: a new, risky online loan among Chinese university students (Is this true?)

Apparently, IOUs have been around since the year 57. @MOLArchaeology

Ancient Roman IOU's were found beneath Bloomberg's New London HQ. Take a look:

'First IOU' among Roman documents found beneath London

FIFTH HARMONY OMG IOU@Y#$*(Y@U#*$&HWY*(FH*#U$*(@#$BF(Y*(HFY*HFY*HWDU*FHW*UFHIOUSFHF*&Y*&#(Y@*&#Y@&@&Y&*@#^&*#@*& 7/27

America is built on IOU's credit cards morgages student loans they make us spend money that we don't have .. it's not an accident

.@okannabel doesn't owe us a damn thing after performing IOU! #EXCLUSIVE video HERE!

But unlikely to be any big surprises and govt hasn't been able to come up with British bill of rights yet, there'll be another IOU

BREAKING: Saudi Arabia to weigh paying government contractors with IOU


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does IOU stand for?
IOU stands for "I Owe You (Promissory note)".
How to abbreviate "I Owe You (Promissory note)"?
"I Owe You (Promissory note)" can be abbreviated as IOU.
What is the meaning of IOU abbreviation?
The meaning of IOU abbreviation is "I Owe You (Promissory note)".
What is IOU abbreviation?
One of the definitions of IOU is "I Owe You (Promissory note)".
What does IOU mean?
IOU as abbreviation means "I Owe You (Promissory note)".
What is shorthand of I Owe You (Promissory note)?
The most common shorthand of "I Owe You (Promissory note)" is IOU.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word IOU in term.