What does SMH mean?

SMH means Shakes My Head

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What is the abbreviation for Shakes My Head?

Shakes My Head can be abbreviated as SMH
What does SMH mean? It stands for Shakes My Head
SMH - Shakes My Head in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having SMH

Doesn't the media ever get tired of screaming RACIST! at every Republican? Obama never lifted a finger to help the black community. #smh

things are so bad neil deGrasse tyson didnt even get off a nerd tweet smh

Y'all didn't believe me. smh

yall really strugglin like that?? just got 100 thousand text messages smh crashed the superphone website

...& the BULL of it all is that so many said "I'd never vote for trump" and HID how they REALLY felt smh.. Watch who you are sitting next to

Barack Obama: "This loss wasn't my fault." It never is. #smh

I'm sorry but @zbritton should have been a Cy Young finalist! Guy had one of the best years ever for a reliever! #smh

Please educate yourself about #SteveBannon education & military career if you are going to criticize. #SMH

"awkward" as in puberty met its match. Good Lord look at that mustache at 15. Smh #SexiestManAlive

Watch how the whole msm pivots towards progressive after they did everything they could to dismantle @BernieSanders candidacy. #smh

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How do you plan to stop him? A giant centipede from space? #smh

There was a degenerate holding a Rape Melania sign at a #Trumpprotest. I hope they were a plant. Smh. Base! How low can you go?

TOLD you not to trust him, Becky smh... #Empire

if you don't count the three games the texans lost then they're 6-0 it's v impressive but the liberal media won't talk about it smh

People scream they want tolerance of others' views, ideas, lifestyles etc, but refuse to be tolerant of others. SMH

A lot of Mf's just run their Mouth... And mean nothing they say.. Your word ain't worth not even one dollar Smh

Why Trump won: A Nebraska school banned flying the American flag cuz it might create post election backlash. Smh

Great piece. Pro-free speech zealots don't hesitate to sue for their own hurt feelings - such hypocrisy via @smh

why do people think that people have to be on drugs to be creative smh


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What does SMH stand for?
SMH stands for "Shakes My Head".
How to abbreviate "Shakes My Head"?
"Shakes My Head" can be abbreviated as SMH.
What is the meaning of SMH abbreviation?
The meaning of SMH abbreviation is "Shakes My Head".
What is SMH abbreviation?
One of the definitions of SMH is "Shakes My Head".
What does SMH mean?
SMH as abbreviation means "Shakes My Head".
What is shorthand of Shakes My Head?
The most common shorthand of "Shakes My Head" is SMH.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word SMH in term.