What does FEELS mean?

FEELS means Feelings

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What is the abbreviation for Feelings?

3 ways to abbreviate Feelings
Feelings can be abbreviated as FEELS
Other shorthands for Feelings are: TFW, ft
What does FEELS mean? It stands for Feelings
What does FEELS mean? - Definition of FEELS - FEELS stands for Feelings. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having FEELS

My heart feels heavy

if you wish you had done more to stop trump, remember how tonight feels. brand it into your memory, & during the next election, GET TO WORK.

Spox says Carson feels he shouldn't run a gov agency b/c he has no government experience. Reminder: Carson did think he could run a country.

Game 7 feels.

#ThankYouObama is giving everyone the feels. Catch up with some of the performances here.

Kellyanne Conway: "If 98 percent of your newsroom feels a certain way, your poll is going to end up reflecting that"

Wiener against jeans feels weird

Peniel shares how he feels after confessing his hair loss on national TV

Good night everyone. Tomorrow feels like one of those cusp points, where the world can lurch down alternate paths. Choose wisely, vote well.

.@Cubs I have not cried at a baseball game since Buckner. This one feels better.

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when you realize everyone is an idiot it feels lonely

Is Daryl to blame for what happened? Norman Reedus tells @EW how he REALLY feels:

Thank you so much! Feels wonderful to hear such things :)

Assange Talks: Russia Didn't Give Us Emails; Feels Sorry For Clinton As A Person! [VIDEO]

Love studios that look like this. Feels like a proper studio where music is created! #ScriptStudio

Sorta' feels like we're about to turn the U.S. government over to the YouTube comments section.

Here's why @vicmensa feels Trump's win "had to happen"

best actors of all time aka goats: 1. Jake Gyllenhaal 2. Nick Cannon 3. Nick Cannon 4. Kiiara - Feels video

Hillary Keeps Saying Russia Gave Emails To Assange; Now Responds With: No They Didn't! He Also Feels Sorry For Her!


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What does FEELS stand for?
FEELS stands for "Feelings".
How to abbreviate "Feelings"?
"Feelings" can be abbreviated as FEELS.
What is the meaning of FEELS abbreviation?
The meaning of FEELS abbreviation is "Feelings".
What is FEELS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of FEELS is "Feelings".
What does FEELS mean?
FEELS as abbreviation means "Feelings".
What is shorthand of Feelings?
The most common shorthand of "Feelings" is FEELS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word FEELS in term.