What does DD mean?

DD means Dear Daughter

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What is the abbreviation for Dear Daughter?

2 ways to abbreviate Dear Daughter
Dear Daughter can be abbreviated as DD
Other shorthands for Dear Daughter are: DEGT
What does DD mean? It stands for Dear Daughter
DD - Dear Daughter in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DD

Digitales Kartenmaterial #Sachsen #GeoSN unter & jetzt kostenfrei nutzbar @wp_dd #openData

#ANC wins the first three tallied #BCM voting stations . First one by 68.38%, 2nd by 95.77% as well as 98.02%. #Elections2016 #DDVote.

Delays in Cambridge location as IEC staff cannot set up due to a service delivery protest currently underway. #Elections2016 #DDVote (1/2)

#DA has so far won 5 voting stations in different wards in PE, while the ANC has so far won two. #Elections2016 #DDvotes.

Not a single ward has finished counting so far across the Eastern Cape. #Elections2016 #DDVotes.

#DA is at the moment leading at the Nelson Mandela Bay by 56.59% followed by ANC at 34,40% and the EFF is at 4.01%. #Elections2016 #DDVote

The @Our_DA has wrestled Kouga Municipality from the @MYANC with 57.04% going to the #DA and 40.01% to the #ANC. #LGE2016 #DDVote

IN THE DISPATCH TOMORROW: Body of a #toddler found at #Nahoon Beach

#DDCosatu @Zwelinzima1: Where is the integrity of leaders? Why is the Range Rover more powerful than the love of the ANC?

#DDCosatu @Zwelinzima1: I faced two death threats. I also scored an own goal.

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#DDCosatu @Zwelinzima1: The fundamental mistake we made was that we believed ordinary tsotsis were communists.

#DDCosatu @Zwelinzima1: The SACP died with Chris Hani in 1993.

#DDCosatu @Zwelinzima1: I think it's very cold inside the ANC.

#DDCosatu @Zwelinzima1: Outside the ANC it's very warm cause I can speak so freely.

#DDCosatu @Zwelinzima1: The reason why people are afraid to speak out is the Range Rover. People are afraid to give up that thing.

The Stocks That Moved The S&P, Dow And Nasdaq Today $ALXN $CF $DD

JUST IN: Shares of $DD jump 9% after-hours on report that says BASF is said to be evaluating a rival takeover bid for DuPont.

Acota industria compras de leche, precios abajo del costo, gobierno sin respuesta y crece crisis; por @aguilar_dd

Selamat kepada pemenang #BNIQuotes periode 14-16 Mei 2016 @erzamodjo @dewa_Tee @dd_sissy


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does DD stand for?
DD stands for "Dear Daughter".
How to abbreviate "Dear Daughter"?
"Dear Daughter" can be abbreviated as DD.
What is the meaning of DD abbreviation?
The meaning of DD abbreviation is "Dear Daughter".
What is DD abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DD is "Dear Daughter".
What does DD mean?
DD as abbreviation means "Dear Daughter".
What is shorthand of Dear Daughter?
The most common shorthand of "Dear Daughter" is DD.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DD in term.