What does OMW mean?

OMW means On My Way

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What is the abbreviation for On My Way?

On My Way can be abbreviated as OMW
Other shorthands for On My Way are: OMY, OOMW
What does OMW mean? It stands for On My Way
OMW - On My Way in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having OMW

jus know if I ever say I'm On my way! instead of omw it wasn't autocorrect I'm just that excited to see you

.@HOMIEMADISON omw. i also hate how autocorrect makes "omw" "On My Way" like thank u but no thank you

Me omw to go see slipknot

.@STORYmiami omw!

2 training sessions done, now omw back home.

@Sazclose @Tobjizzle omw cpt

@BradDoesBanter omw there to defend him, he doesnt need this from you guys ok

916 im omw! Ace Of Spades tonight! Doors at 7!

@abiannmusic omw

@laurDIY omw need to attend and cancel the tour sorry @MamaMiaMakeup

More Comments with OMW...

Mood omw to paris

overslept at the hotel n now im omw 2 the show but forgot my rosewater facial spray in hotel does anyone at FSU have rosewater facial spray

Hungry and omw to black sheep festival !! I need a good wienerschnitzel

A lovely shoutout to OMW by @tanehisicoates in this blog post, the description of which may enrage my detractors:

@SanchezShaylynn OMW TO DALLAS NOW!! Someone go with Shaylynn!!

Lancaster PA I'm omw

@CRNKN omw

haven't reaaaaaally written a song in h m m idk a long time . . . omw to meet a stranger to try and write one . . . wish me luck . . .



Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does OMW stand for?
OMW stands for "On My Way".
How to abbreviate "On My Way"?
"On My Way" can be abbreviated as OMW.
What is the meaning of OMW abbreviation?
The meaning of OMW abbreviation is "On My Way".
What is OMW abbreviation?
One of the definitions of OMW is "On My Way".
What does OMW mean?
OMW as abbreviation means "On My Way".
What is shorthand of On My Way?
The most common shorthand of "On My Way" is OMW.