What does CHILLAX mean?

CHILLAX means Chill and relax

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What is the abbreviation for Chill and relax?

Chill and relax can be abbreviated as CHILLAX
What does CHILLAX mean? It stands for Chill and relax
What does CHILLAX mean? - Definition of CHILLAX - CHILLAX stands for Chill and relax. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CHILLAX

No stream tonight! Just gonna chillax off-camera for once...feelsss weird lol

@halseyreligiao the movie? yeah! my 8th grade teacher had a "chillax" day one day and showed it to the class. it was his favorite.

RT if you want to #chillax & kick your feet up today! #RelaxationDay

Lot of progressives on hear biting their nails right now. Chillax folks, big population centers always take longer to count. #ElectionNight

jaja tu siempre sigue #Chillax

Seems to be a lot of angry people on Twitter at the moment .. It's only opinions remember .. Nothing more nothing less .. #Chillax

RIP lyricist Annamalai (En Uchi Mandaila, Chillax, Rathathin Rathamey )

MochaLatta Chillax time.

.@FarrukoOfficial's #Chillax takes a 20-week trip to No. 1 on the Latin Airplay chart

@anamariecox Shelley says, "Chillax, our girl's got this."

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Sometimes you just gotta chillax. #TravelTuesday #Cartagena

Cannibals, married a skull, freaky lizard eye. Normal Friday night guys, chillax. #WynonnaEarp

Outlander fans have been mad at me all day for jokingly calling it Scottish Sex-Crime Story. It was a riff on American Crime Story! Chillax.

Gonna stream some Hearthstone and chillax and talk and stuff :D

Aqui #Chillax hechando combustible jaja.. Cuando toca toca, en otros tiempos se bajan ayudar y no a burlar

Can we all just pinky swear to chillax on ourselves this week?

11 lazy ways to burn calories while you chillax today:

Con el panita @maluma #VisionaryMode #Chillax

Larger than life, yet living it up 24/7. Chillax with Hunk and his co-pilots at


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What does CHILLAX stand for?
CHILLAX stands for "Chill and relax".
How to abbreviate "Chill and relax"?
"Chill and relax" can be abbreviated as CHILLAX.
What is the meaning of CHILLAX abbreviation?
The meaning of CHILLAX abbreviation is "Chill and relax".
What is CHILLAX abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CHILLAX is "Chill and relax".
What does CHILLAX mean?
CHILLAX as abbreviation means "Chill and relax".
What is shorthand of Chill and relax?
The most common shorthand of "Chill and relax" is CHILLAX.