What does BESTIE mean?

BESTIE means Best Friend

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What is the abbreviation for Best Friend?

Best Friend can be abbreviated as BESTIE
Other shorthands for Best Friend are: BESTY, BF, bezzie, YBF, BIFF, B/F, BOF
What does BESTIE mean? It stands for Best Friend
What does BESTIE mean? - Definition of BESTIE - BESTIE stands for Best Friend. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BESTIE

When you and your bestie are so tight you have your own special handshake. #Shadowhunters #Parabatai

How to convince your bestie to borrow your clothes for a night out! #StyleSunday #Shadowhunters

I would clone me and be my own bestie if I could. We could eat churros and nap and compare memes all day. What a dream.

I think Tyde is my bestie ATM.

Hangin with my #NYFW bestie @AllanTroy_ last night @Refinery29 #29Rooms

#BESTie's #UJi Explains Why She Worried About Her Performance Of #EXO's "Love Me Right"

@AnnaSaccone well done on getting the 3 month long blog post up!! ha love you bestie :)

I'm your biggest fan, nice to hang out with my bestie after the game! @Super_Maeve

Grab your bestie & become #BonBesties for a chance to win a sweet adventure! #Sweepstakes

When you and your bestie compete at the #OlympicGames. #Rio2016

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Get ready to party with @Its_Badshah & your bestie this weekend by taking part in #GaanaBadshahAurMereDost #contest

Just hangin with my bestie @atomicmari on the @smoshSGA set.

Thanks beautiful bestie !!

Watch my bestie @laurenz422 wheelin' & dealin' @jessicasimpsonstyle on @hsn tonight 5-7pm PST #jessicaonhsn

Boris Johnson, who led a Brexit campaign based on anti-Turkish islamophobia, is now posing as Erdogan's bestie.

Here's a quick fact check on Trump wanting Putin to be his bestie #debatenight

The youngest member of this evenings #HappyBhagJayegi preview!! My bestie Nyrah #FamilyEntertainment

These photos will make you want to call your bestie!:

Tomorrow is #FriendshipDay. RT and tag the bestie who you'd spend it with at a makeup session.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does BESTIE stand for?
BESTIE stands for "Best Friend".
How to abbreviate "Best Friend"?
"Best Friend" can be abbreviated as BESTIE.
What is the meaning of BESTIE abbreviation?
The meaning of BESTIE abbreviation is "Best Friend".
What is BESTIE abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BESTIE is "Best Friend".
What does BESTIE mean?
BESTIE as abbreviation means "Best Friend".
What is shorthand of Best Friend?
The most common shorthand of "Best Friend" is BESTIE.