What does BF mean?

BF means Best Friend

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What is the abbreviation for Best Friend?

Best Friend can be abbreviated as BF
Other shorthands for Best Friend are: BESTY, bezzie, YBF, BIFF, B/F, BOF
What does BF mean? It stands for Best Friend
BF - Best Friend in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BF

As a gf or bf, u see a total different side of each other that no one else sees n that's why no one can truly understand ur relationship

Can. We. Just. Appreciate. All. That. Is. @ZacEfron. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BF!

I feel so bad for my BF I be throwing fits for no reason then the next hour I just wanna love him and hug him & tell him how much I love him

I don't want a relationship where y'all just bf and gf, gotta be bestfriends aswell, a team, have each other's back 100% YASSS

My bf likes Walking Dead so I tried to be supportive and watch with him. 11 mins in and I was a crying, shaking mess. Wow I'm lame.

Battlefield 1 is such a good game. I really hope COD YouTubers start making BF content. This is going to be a rough year for Cod views.

Sorry your white BF says "racist against white people," plz break up with him and spend the holidays with me

Gwen Stefani is returning to #TheVoice as a coach for season 12 alongside BF Blake Shelton!

Txt ur gf/bf/dog saying "U r my werld "

Not at ALL. My first kiss I was 17 and first BF 18... Could have waited longer for both (they were not good haha)

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Then when ur BF takes you home to his mum. Pls sit down and cross leg and be pressing remote when she is in the kitchen.

Pet peeve every every election: People confidently writing vote count stories bf the west coast comes in.

If you Want Movies as well on Black Friday, Check Out StryderOmega's BF Spreadsheet.

Rencontres Internationales de la #FrenchTech 2016 (#FrenchTechRI @BF_TechServices @FBrahimi)

In her letter to her BF, "whose story closed w/o a goodbye," @KanyelleWest encourages you to keep writing your own.

Atlantis by bridgit mendler makes me feel like my once loving relationship is crumbling apart although I don't even have a bf

Or when you meet ur BF'S father stretch your hand for a handshake and call him by name. Segun nice to meet you

Once, a bf had dinner w/ my severely physically & mentally abusive father & then said "aww he's not so bad." Yeah it's like that but bigger

WPIAL semi sites: CC-PR @ NA NA-SV @ NH West A-WH @ Baldwin McK-Gateway @ Norwin TJ-WM @ EF NC-Ring @ Mars Quip-Derry @ FC BF-KO @ Ambridge


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does BF stand for?
BF stands for "Best Friend".
How to abbreviate "Best Friend"?
"Best Friend" can be abbreviated as BF.
What is the meaning of BF abbreviation?
The meaning of BF abbreviation is "Best Friend".
What is BF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BF is "Best Friend".
What does BF mean?
BF as abbreviation means "Best Friend".
What is shorthand of Best Friend?
The most common shorthand of "Best Friend" is BF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BF in term.