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-RMP Risk Management Professional    
1LT First Lieutenant    
2LT Second Lieutenant    
A Accelerating Contactor or Relay    
AA Anesthesiologist Assistant    
AA Adverse Action    
AA Administrative Assistants    
AA Accounting Assistant    
AA Accredited Appraiser    
AADC Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor    
AAMS Accredited Asset Management Specialist    
AAOF Assistant Administrator of Operations and Finance    
AAS Average Annual Salary    
AASA Assistant Area Sales Advisor    
AATS Average Annual Taxable Salary    
AAVP Associate Administrator For Veterans Programs    
AB Administrative Board    
ABA Accredited Business Accountant    
ABCD Above and Beyond the Call of Duty    
ABCP Associate Business Continuity Planner    
ABMP Associated Bodywork and Massage Professional    
ABR Accredited Buyers Representative    
ABSHP Archbishop    
ABSS Applied Behavior Science Specialist    
ABW Activity Based Workplace    
AC Area Coordinator    
AC Assistant Commissioner    
AC Analyst Certification    
AC Academic Counsellor    
AC Assistant Camera (film production)    
ACA Associate Chartered Accountant    
ACAS Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society    
ACC Association Corporate Counsel    
ACC Assistant County Commissioner (scouting)    
ACCESS Aurora Community Counseling Employee Support And Services    
ACCP Aptech Certified Computer Professional    
ACCW Advanced Child Care Worker    
ACD Authorized Corporate Director    
ACD Art Creative Designer    
ACDC Academic Chairs and Directors Council    
ACDT Apple Certified Desktop Technician    
ACE Aruba Certified Expert    
ACE Adobe Certified Expert    
ACE Autocad Certified Expert    
ACE Associate Career Enhancement    
ACE Available Consultants and Executives    
ACFO Associate Chief Financial Officer    
ACFO-FS Associate Chief Financial Officer for Financial Systems    
ACGI Associate of the City and Guilds Institute    
ACIO Agency Chief Information Officer