What does AOE mean?

AOE means Area of Effect

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What is the abbreviation for Area of Effect?

Area of Effect can be abbreviated as AOE
Other shorthands for Area of Effect are: ae, AE, ,
What does AOE mean? It stands for Area of Effect
AOE - Area of Effect in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having AOE

Tempests with an AOE ability? Dark Templars with Blink? Check out all of the changes:

Full AoE en twitch o que ?

A Warlock card I was waiting for, AoE and a strong body. Welcome in my Renolock deck!

Vamos a darle un AoE con el @GorilaNerdy andamos cansados pero lets go!! nos vemos en @TwitchES

Gente que quiera entrar al torneo de AoE, mandenme correo a alkaponetop5@hotmail.com con sus datos de steam.

where is the locket, rumble and viktor so much aoe dmg in teamfights

September 16th Hotfixes - Tank Damage and AoE Nerfs

Latest Kobe jungle prediction: Jarvan IV comes back in a month or so. Feels great with early ganks and AOE setup!

Alkapone inverso | Resumen Stream V249 | AoE: via @YouTube

THIS TINKER! @VegaSquadron's AOE damage is just too much atm for @theAllianceGG! #ESLOne

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First thoughts on the new patch: Assassins are quite weak. Tank junglers with AOE seems strong.

I love PVP. I know why I'm on my server. But during a major invasion event, it doesn't help to have to worry about boss + ally aoe @Warcraft

A quienes de ustedes les gustaria una cuarta parte? #AOE

Hard to argue Iran's election much of a sea change when it results in Jannati as AoE head and Larijani as speaker.

El hechizo AoE de agua es superefectivo!!

75% of my ladder games were against Zoo or Shaman, so I put a bunch of AoE in priest, and got easy legend :)

When looking at Taric's kit remember his W duplicates all spells he casts. E.g. E is now 2 linear stuns, and R is 2 AoE invulnerabilities

4 Mana 2-4 with a random freeze, to slow in Tempo Mage and worse than AoE spells for Freeze Mage. Wanker Mage maybe?


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What does AOE stand for?
AOE stands for "Area of Effect".
How to abbreviate "Area of Effect"?
"Area of Effect" can be abbreviated as AOE.
What is the meaning of AOE abbreviation?
The meaning of AOE abbreviation is "Area of Effect".
What is AOE abbreviation?
One of the definitions of AOE is "Area of Effect".
What does AOE mean?
AOE as abbreviation means "Area of Effect".
What is shorthand of Area of Effect?
The most common shorthand of "Area of Effect" is AOE.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word AOE in term.