What does mngr mean?

mngr means manager

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What is the abbreviation for manager?

manager can be abbreviated as mngr
Other shorthands for manager are: MNGT, MGR, MGMT, MGT, M, M, Mng, MG, mgmnt, Mnmgt, MGNT, MNGD, mngmt, MNGE, mgrs, MBO, Man, Man, MA, am, Mng, MAO, MM, Man
What does mngr mean? It stands for manager
mngr - manager in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having mngr

"Real questions need to be raised about it" - Clinton campaign mngr on whether Trump is a puppet of the Kremlin.

On #WADR @jeffroe (fmr Cruz camp mngr) tells @MarkHalperin when Trump accused Cruz's dad of killing JFK, Cruz camp actually looked into it

2/2: lawsuit alleges Phillip pulled gun on staffer. Says campaign leadership, including then-camp mngr Lewandowski, refused to act #ncpol

Compelling profile of Jeff Weaver, @BernieSanders campaign mngr. Will this guy shut off the lights in the campaign?

Clinton campaign mngr says biggest problem in home stretch is getting into the news cycle, Politico reports -

That's 1,000 career managerial wins for @Royals mngr Ned Yost! No better way to celebrate than with a #SalvySplash

Kellyanne Conway back on @hardball in triumph as the new Trump campaign mngr. I'll welcome her w/ exciting questions that leap in our minds.

That's the point! Trump doing well arguing Clinton lies. Then campaign Mngr deceives abt cribbing and Kasich quote?

SPD @Chiefsamsomers @TheCityofSac City Mngr Shirey at George Simms,off to the next#NationalNightOut #NNO2016 #sacpd

But not on whether Trump put classified emails on a private server: FBI probing Ex-Trump Campaign Mngr Foreign Ties

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LSR: 4 SW Tampa [Hillsborough Co, FL] emergency mngr reports TROPICAL STORM at 11:15 AM EDT (power lines and ...

LSR: 3 SE Tampa [Hillsborough Co, FL] emergency mngr reports TROPICAL STORM at 11:15 AM EDT (tree down in mid...

#GER mngr vows to keep his hands out of his pants & away from his nose in games #EURO2016

SCOOP: Ex-Trump aide @NunbergSam planted suggestive @PageSix item about his nemesis, campaign mngr @CLewandowski_.

Pic of the Day: 1990 - #Ingwe TB L-R, Head Coach the Late Gyamfi, Team Mngr Joe Kadenge & Team Doc Dr. Odipo.

NBC News confirms Trump hired former Scott Walker campaign mngr, Rick Wiley as his new National Political director.

I'm in NY w my mngr @BruceRubenstein doin press for DICE, Gonna B on @JimmyFallon tomorra night so tune in ya hea!

It's more than @MichelleFields. Trump mngr @CLewandowski_ has been rough & sexually suggestive w/ multiple reporters

K Switzer Ran '67 Boston Marathon. Race Mngr Tried2Knock Her Out. Today ~50% Boston = #Women #InternationalWomensDay


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What does mngr stand for?
mngr stands for "manager".
How to abbreviate "manager"?
"manager" can be abbreviated as mngr.
What is the meaning of mngr abbreviation?
The meaning of mngr abbreviation is "manager".
What is mngr abbreviation?
One of the definitions of mngr is "manager".
What does mngr mean?
mngr as abbreviation means "manager".
What is shorthand of manager?
The most common shorthand of "manager" is mngr.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word mngr in term.