What does DJ mean?

DJ means Disc Jockey

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What is the abbreviation for Disc Jockey?

Disc Jockey can be abbreviated as DJ
Other shorthands for Disc Jockey are: djs, BDJ
What does DJ mean? It stands for Disc Jockey
DJ - Disc Jockey in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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pkcz_official @afrojack @faismusic @verbal_ambush @DJ_DARUMA vetements_official

VIXX, MONSTA X, DJ DOC, and KNK film for 'Running Man' race with 100 celebrities


#SHINee's #Jonghyun Celebrates 1000th Day As Radio DJ Of "Blue Night"

Welcome back, Kath & DJ! #BarcelonaALoveUntold #NoToPiracy

Superstar DJ Steve Aoki is trending. It's got to be because @steveaoki wants to #DumpTrump

who's dj'ing?

Another win for #MUFC's U18s on Saturday, and what a goal from DJ Buffonge!

Let Me Love You - DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber #NowPlaying #IstaraFM [11:39 wib]

Wen ur squads anthem comes on. Shout out to Cubs DJ @DanteTheDon

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Let Me Love You - DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber #NowPlaying #IstaraFM [11:22 wib]

Let Me Love You - [13] DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber #NowPlaying #IstaraFM [10:55 wib]

Is DJ Khaled the graphics guy for CNN?

And that's why I love the we are all marshmello concept. It allows for anyone to feel the way you'd think a well known DJ feels

Meek Mill Freestyles at DJ Clue's Show on Power 105

Every time CNN breaks through and says "KEY RACE ALERT!!" I feel like somewhere Dj Khaled is smiling

David Mancuso, iconic DJ and founder of the Loft, pioneered underground club culture

The last time I've seen so many people THIS disappointed was at any of my DJ sets .

Let Me Love You - DJ Snake Feat Justin Bieber #NowPlaying #IstaraFM [07:58 wib]


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What does DJ stand for?
DJ stands for "Disc Jockey".
How to abbreviate "Disc Jockey"?
"Disc Jockey" can be abbreviated as DJ.
What is the meaning of DJ abbreviation?
The meaning of DJ abbreviation is "Disc Jockey".
What is DJ abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DJ is "Disc Jockey".
What does DJ mean?
DJ as abbreviation means "Disc Jockey".
What is shorthand of Disc Jockey?
The most common shorthand of "Disc Jockey" is DJ.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DJ in term.