What does DJ mean?

DJ means Dumb Jerk

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What is the abbreviation for Dumb Jerk?

Dumb Jerk can be abbreviated as DJ
What does DJ mean? It stands for Dumb Jerk
DJ - Dumb Jerk in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DJ

Got a Prada bag from DJ and Gucci shoes from Kath. Im a spoiled friend! Yeheeeeey!!! Love u both!

When you're just outside Mosul and there's still a bit of incoming fire but the DJ drops your jam

Meek Mill Freestyles at DJ Clue's Show on Power 105

Let Me Love You - DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber #NowPlaying #IstaraFM [08:36 wib]

Its the era where rappers don't need to know how to rap. DJs don't DJ they press buttons & Presidents need no experience

Let Me Love You - DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber #NowPlaying #IstaraFM [11:39 wib]

Song #3 on your '#HOT5AT7' tonight is DJ Snake & Justin Bieber , 'Let Me Love You'! #Ottawa #TheNewHot899

Nicewaiter:Have a nice night. See you Wednesday,Mr. Ramsey ME:Why did he say that? DJ:Arrow comes on Wednesdays Daddy ME:Oh #toddlermusings

Agent @DerykGilmore sent me this picture of #Chargers OL DJ Fluker from post-game. Yikes! Solid work with one eye.

Let Me Love You - DJ Snake Feat Justin Bieber #NowPlaying #IstaraFM [07:58 wib]

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Plot twist: Obama rebrands himself as an EDM DJ

#SingForYa is out early on iTunes, Apple Music, and Google play (feat. Decarlo & BoDo) - Single by DJ Rupp

Zeke vs DJ for number one next year gonna be a fun debate.

Que buenas mezclas @flor_vigna !! La #MixApp te convierte en la mejor DJ de la noche!

We're very sorry to learn of the death today of @BBCRadio2 DJ Jimmy Young at the age of 95.

.@DJmustard, @MikeWiLLMadeIt + @Timbaland offer major keys about producing at #ComplexCon.

Question 1. What name did #MartinGarrix use in his early days as a DJ? #GioneeSunburn #GioneeSunburnBangalore

Tonight on #TheMeltdown, @racheldoesstuff explains why OCD makes you a great '90s DJ.

Sir Jimmy Young, the former BBC Radio 2 DJ, has died 'peacefully at home' at the age of 95


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does DJ stand for?
DJ stands for "Dumb Jerk".
How to abbreviate "Dumb Jerk"?
"Dumb Jerk" can be abbreviated as DJ.
What is the meaning of DJ abbreviation?
The meaning of DJ abbreviation is "Dumb Jerk".
What is DJ abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DJ is "Dumb Jerk".
What does DJ mean?
DJ as abbreviation means "Dumb Jerk".
What is shorthand of Dumb Jerk?
The most common shorthand of "Dumb Jerk" is DJ.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DJ in term.