What does PFI mean?

PFI means Pay for Inclusion

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What is the abbreviation for Pay for Inclusion?

Pay for Inclusion can be abbreviated as PFI
What does PFI mean? It stands for Pay for Inclusion
PFI - Pay for Inclusion in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PFI

BBC UK & Scottish News covers PFI scandal and once again remarkably manages to omit Labour's responsibility for it!

Kezia wrong on GMS with @BBCGaryR Labour sent huge money back to Westminster when they funded schools with PFI/PPP

6 o'clock @BBCNews just had big report on problems of PFI schools in Scotland. No mention whatsoever that it was the Labour Party who did it

.@HackneyAbbott "Labour in government will not sign another PFI contract". Well they signed enough before 2010 #Lab16

Labour's PFI.... There I fixed that for you....

Labour opposes the closure of Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. We will cut waste like PFI to save the NHS

Jeremy Corbyn pledges to 'renationalise' the NHS and end PFI contracts

Jeremy Corbyn unveils plan to 'renationalise' NHS and cancel PFI contracts

Diane Abbott just pledged to renationalise the NHS, and will stop Pfi @HackneyAbbott #lab16

To be fair to Corbyn, all these criticism of PFI, made to a Labour minister on 4 July 2000, have basically come true

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Canada has basically supersized #PFI and in the end their citizens' assets will all be owned by hedgefunds.

And @OwenSmith_MP even welcomed PFI:

Rudresh murder- PFI District President detained # via @oneindia

Azim Sheriff president of popular front of India Bengaluru arrested for the murder of RSS leader Refresh. PFI should be banned immediately

You mean Labour's PFI school issue? @Citizen751908 @stellacreasy @snp

NEW: Jeremy Corbyn pledges to 'renationalise' NHS and scrap PFI deals

NS: The old-style PFI projects maximised private profit over public good. That should never be allowed to happen again. #LeadersDebate

2/2...however, questions must be asked, and in due course answered, about old PFI contracts that many feared put profits before quality

Wow, not only was PFI incredibly expensive, Labour actually forced councils to use it! #SP16 #bothvotesSNP


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What does PFI stand for?
PFI stands for "Pay for Inclusion".
How to abbreviate "Pay for Inclusion"?
"Pay for Inclusion" can be abbreviated as PFI.
What is the meaning of PFI abbreviation?
The meaning of PFI abbreviation is "Pay for Inclusion".
What is PFI abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PFI is "Pay for Inclusion".
What does PFI mean?
PFI as abbreviation means "Pay for Inclusion".
What is shorthand of Pay for Inclusion?
The most common shorthand of "Pay for Inclusion" is PFI.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word PFI in term.