What does PFP mean?

PFP means Pay for Performance

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What is the abbreviation for Pay for Performance?

Pay for Performance can be abbreviated as PFP
Other shorthands for Pay for Performance are: P4P, P4P
What does PFP mean? It stands for Pay for Performance
PFP - Pay for Performance in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PFP

@DexterFowler y'all do PFP? ;)

Nu pfp

SQUAD. #pfp #pfp16 preisfuerpopkultur

As terrific a pitcher as Betances is, he has a serious problem throwing the baseball once he becomes a fielder. I see lots of PFP in 2017.

Good to see Michael Ynoa took his PFP seriously.

#AWANInews Penang UMNO denies PFP is a BN friendly party

Maybe this is the Indians' diabolical plot to get out of a week's worth of PFP.

Very happy that US Congress added amendment in the Defence spending bill, requesting from US Gov to prepare #Kosovo for @NATO #PFP.

OMG new pfp @MightyMouseUFC lets see if @JonnyBones just got inspired!!!! I think he could beat @TheNotoriousMMA

Man im exited to see the return of our sports most dominant pfp champion @JonnyBones "IM THE CHAMPION" jon jones

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@FrankieEdgar your the pfp in the sport !I hope you get your shot at UFC 200 you deserve it! Conor can't handle you!

Ahora en #PrimeroNoticias un reporte especial de @pavonlui sobre #Acapulco y el falseo de declaraciones de elementos de la PFP.

New fundraising launch for PFP! Pls support our military! Read below, click the link, & RT!


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What does PFP stand for?
PFP stands for "Pay for Performance".
How to abbreviate "Pay for Performance"?
"Pay for Performance" can be abbreviated as PFP.
What is the meaning of PFP abbreviation?
The meaning of PFP abbreviation is "Pay for Performance".
What is PFP abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PFP is "Pay for Performance".
What does PFP mean?
PFP as abbreviation means "Pay for Performance".
What is shorthand of Pay for Performance?
The most common shorthand of "Pay for Performance" is PFP.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word PFP in term.