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1LT First Lieutenant - Army    
1SG First Sergeant - Army    
1st Lt First Lieutenant - USAF    
1stLt First Lieutenant - Marines    
1stSgt First Sergeant - Marines    
2 LT Second Lieutenant - Marines    
A Acceptor    
A Accept    
a Accepted    
A/D active duty    
AA an Agency    
AA America's answer    
AA Assistant Administrator    
AA Adjusted Allotment    
AA As Amended    
AA Armed Forces Americas    
AA Assistance Administration    
AA Adverse Action    
AA Atlantic Alliance    
AA Amarillo Area Office (DOE)    
AAA Agricultural Adjustment Administration    
AAAA Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and Auditing    
AABNCP Advanced Airborne National Command Post    
AACC Affirmative Action and Contract Compliance    
AACE Airworthiness Assurance Center of Excellence    
AACP Alleged Anti Competitive Practice    
AADCP ASEAN Australian Development Cooperation Program    
AADCP Army Air Defense Command Post    
AAF Against All Fascists    
AAGR Average Annual Growth Rate    
AAIA Archives and Archival Institutions Act    
AAIS Automated Acquisition Information System    
AALPS Automated Air Load Planning System    
AAMS Automated Acquisition Management System    
AAO Arab Advertising Organization    
AAO Approved Acquisition Objective    
AAP Affirmative Action Program    
AAPB Advanced Acquisition Planning Board    
AAPC Accounting and Auditing Policy Committee    
AAPI Asian-American Pacific Islander    
AAPP Affirmative Action Planning Process    
AAPS Arable Aid Premium Scheme    
AAR Automated Agency Report    
AASR Affirmative Action Status Report    
AAU Administrative Appeals Unit    
AB American Borders    
ABC activity based costing    
ABCC Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission    
ABCC Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission    
ABCCC Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center