What does MOF mean?

MOF means Matter of Fact

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What is the abbreviation for Matter of Fact?

Matter of Fact can be abbreviated as MOF
Other shorthands for Matter of Fact are: AMOF
What does MOF mean? It stands for Matter of Fact
MOF - Matter of Fact in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having MOF

From what is happening in small towns and rural areas. it seems that MoF made no contingency plan for denomination for the last 2 1/2 years

Sure, implementation of #DeMonetisation could've been handled better. But when MoF babus are involved, less said the better

@stochcharts : Namo has taken a correct step. In one dimension it is complete success-ISI fraud smashed. Internally no MoF contingency plan

Indelible ink a hare-brained idea. Typical babu-inspired--MoF obviously. Trust it to muddy the waters. Better ways to stop proxy withdrawals

#DeMonetisation good in long term. But like schemes under MoF, it'll have pre-programmed defects. Ex: OROP, pensions, EPF, disability pay...

#Bajet2017 ambil kira kebimbangan rakyat terutama kos sara hidup yang tinggi - Pegawai kanan MOF

#Bajet2017 akan berdasarkan harga purata minyak mentah pada US$45 setong - Pegawai kanan MOF

@DeepakPSIyer :Have you read the party constitution or you want Congress culture in BJP?The superb move of PM has suffered because MoF sloth

Bajet alternatif Pembangkang bertujuan mengelirukan rakyat kerana ia tidak berdaya maju dari segi kewangan - Pegawai kanan MOF

All key data on deposits/cash/liquidity/ denominations of currency/ATM/bank branches etc with RBI/MoF. Despite that, such a huge disaster?

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The temporary inconvenience will last for months according to MoF officials!

@kunalsahay : I said MoF owes an explanation. That is the implementing agency

Kadar pengangguran dijangka susut kepada 3.2 peratus pada 2017, berbanding 3.4 peratus tahun ini - Pegawai kanan MOF #Bajet2017

#Budget2017 will be a responsible one, takes into account rakyat's concerns, particularly the high cost of living - Senior MOF official

Cabaran masa depan Malaysia termasuk penuaan, dgn 14.5 peratus penduduk akan berusia lebih 60 tahun pada 2030 - Pegawai kanan MOF #Bajet2017

#Bajet2017 bukan bajet pilihan raya, tetapi lebih kepada memenuhi janji kepada rakyat - Pegawai kanan MOF

Arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari new FIR MoF still not clearing case against @htTweets editor who made 500 calls & took money! Bcs Cheerleader?

#Bajet2017 akan laksanakan disiplin fiskal bagi kekalkan kedudukan global M'sia dlm pasaran & agensi penarafan kredit - Pegawai kanan MOF

I'd really like it if the MoF/RBI clarified once and for all if ArthaKranti has advised them. I hope not because that's like admitting..


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What does MOF stand for?
MOF stands for "Matter of Fact".
How to abbreviate "Matter of Fact"?
"Matter of Fact" can be abbreviated as MOF.
What is the meaning of MOF abbreviation?
The meaning of MOF abbreviation is "Matter of Fact".
What is MOF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of MOF is "Matter of Fact".
What does MOF mean?
MOF as abbreviation means "Matter of Fact".
What is shorthand of Matter of Fact?
The most common shorthand of "Matter of Fact" is MOF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word MOF in term.