What does PTB mean?

PTB means Powers That Be

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What is the abbreviation for Powers That Be?

Powers That Be can be abbreviated as PTB
What does PTB mean? It stands for Powers That Be
PTB - Powers That Be in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PTB

PT, PMDB, PSDB, PSD, PP, PSB, PTB, PRB, PHS no pacote salva-ORCRIM >

Novo presidente da Casa da Moeda foi indicado pelo PTB.

O acordo do PTB de olho em 2017 -

This is a salt tweet, but EA need to remove park the bus. This dude from minute 55 is PTB, standing in the corner shielding. Your own team

Preso pela Lava Jato, ex-senador Gim Argello se desfilia do PTB.

Risper, BofA volunteer, works with Christine to develop her #smallbiz strategy at @ieew_ptb's bootcamp.

R. Hedebouw (PTB): "L'affaire Dutroux est avant tout une affaire de classe"

Curioso: o Pastor Ronaldo Nogueira (PTB),um ilustre desconhecido nomeado Ministro do Trabalho abriu vaga para seu suplente Cajar Nardes (PR)

Hoop fans #FatBracket is a must have 4 #MarchMadness It's a PTB Prime Time Bracket Baby. Get yours here @Fathead

.@DomManfredi you beauty! He didn't score but a sublime 80 metre run put Wigan within inches, a quick PTB and @johnbateman1 does the rest

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PSD e PTB devem votar pelo impeachment

CRISTIANE BRASIL (PTB) - SIM ao impeachment

JOVAIR ARANTES (PTB) - SIM ao impeachment

Dilma exonera presidente da Casa da Moeda indicado pelo PTB

Dilma afasta indicados do PTB e do PP dos comandos de duas autarquias

Warriors 125-PTB 121. Los campeones sellan la serie (4-1) y esperan rival en la final del Oeste. #NBAPlayoffs

Get early access to features and bugs w/ our new iOS PTB. Only the 1st 5000 ppl get in, so apply at regular speed!

@kelios I'm assured a "director's cut" (DGA rule) but in TV the PTB determine the final cut that gets aired - Sometimes I'm not happy but...

Alain Raviart: "Au PTB, les membres du parti aiment vraiment les gens" #dimancheRTL


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does PTB stand for?
PTB stands for "Powers That Be".
How to abbreviate "Powers That Be"?
"Powers That Be" can be abbreviated as PTB.
What is the meaning of PTB abbreviation?
The meaning of PTB abbreviation is "Powers That Be".
What is PTB abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PTB is "Powers That Be".
What does PTB mean?
PTB as abbreviation means "Powers That Be".
What is shorthand of Powers That Be?
The most common shorthand of "Powers That Be" is PTB.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word PTB in term.