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AADC Automated Area Distribution Center    
AADC price automated area distribution center price    
AASC Asset Accountability Service Center    
ABMPS Automated Business Mail Processing System    
AC Actual Count    
ACD Annual Compliance Determination    
ACE Advanced Computing Environment    
ACR Annual Compliance Report    
ACS Address Change Service    
ACT automation-compatible tray    
ACT tag air contract transportation tag    
ADAPT Automatic Density Analysis Profile Technique    
ADC Area Distribution Center    
ADC price area distribution center price    
ADM Accounting Data Mart    
AEC Address Element Correction (USPS)    
AEC II Address Element Correction II    
AES Address Enhancement Services    
AES Automated Enrollment System    
AFCS Advanced Facer Canceler System    
AFCS 200 Advanced Facer Canceler System 200    
AFCS/OCR Advanced Facer Canceler System with Optical Character Reader    
AFSM 100 Automated Flats Sorting Machine 100    
AFSM AI Automated Flats Sorting Machine Auto Induction    
AFTL Automatic Flats Tray Lidder    
AFTU Automatic Flats Tray Unlidder    
AFV Alternative-Fuel Vehicle    
AI Automatic Induction    
AIC Account Identifier Code    
AIS product Address Information System product    
ALP Advanced Leadership Program    
AM Address Management    
AMC Airport Mail Center    
AMF Airport Mail Facility    
ami Asset Management Integration    
AMP Area Mail Processing    
AMS Alternate Mailing System    
AMS Address Management Services    
AMS Address Management System    
AMS API Address Matching System Application Programming Interface    
AMSOP AM Standard Operating Procedures    
AO Associate Post Office    
AP Accounting Period    
APBS Automated Parcel and Bundle Sorter    
APC Automated Postal Center (USPS)    
APC all-purpose container    
API Application Programming Interface    
APO Army Post Office    
APPS Automated Package Processing System    
APS Adjustment Processing System