What does PBUH mean?

PBUH means Peace Be Upon Him

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What is the abbreviation for Peace Be Upon Him?

Peace Be Upon Him can be abbreviated as PBUH
Other shorthands for Peace Be Upon Him are: PBH
What does PBUH mean? It stands for Peace Be Upon Him
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Comments having PBUH

"The last hour will not come before....the worst of you will inherit your world (becoming your leaders)" Prophet Muhammad pbuh

The Prophet PBUH said,"Look to those below you &not to those above,as it is more suitable to remember the blessings of Allah granted to you"

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a champion of race equality. America needs to heed this message. #NoToRacism

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said: "The best of fasts besides the month of Ramadhan is the fasting of Allah's month of Muharram." (Muslim)

We are close 2 all Shias on the occasion of Ashura, may the sacrifice of Imam Hussain PBUH be an example 4 all in struggling agst injustice

We are the followers of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh who first suffered himself then asked the public to offer sacrifice #AJKRisesForInsaf

Respected Dr. @FaheemYounus speaking now @USAJalsa on the life & conduct of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). #JalsaUSA

Holy prophet (pbuh) had inked agreement @ Hudaibya with non believers.Even friendship agreement with opposing tribes

Got the privilege to visit an exhibition centre at the Prophet PBUH Mosque. Thanks for the guidance @DrIsaPantami

.@Majstar7 You still have to convince me why Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) definition of Muslim is flawed in your eyes.

More Comments with PBUH...

Hazrat Khadija Al-Kubra was the employer of Prophet Muhammad PBUH she proposed to him and he accepted they taught us love and respect

When Prophet Muhammad PBUH married Khadija he was 25 she was 40 they lived together for 25 years and she was his only wife during that time

Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said "when none believed me,Khadija did.She made me a partner in her wealth"She lived with Prophet for 25 years

Juma Mubarak to all the muslims across the world..make more&more salutations upon Hazrat Muhammad PBUH

#KaptaanChangedPakistan what did our great Prophet (PBUH) do? He lifted his people by giving them great values @ImranKhanPTI

Our greatest leader,our Prophet (PBUH) made a society where morals were high,people were honest,they feared only God #PeshawarRejectsNawaz

We are asked to follow Prophet PBUH's footsteps. Which is to prioritize education. - IK #SwatRejectsNawaz

But he PBUH asked war prisoners to teach 10 Muslims instead. - IK #SwatRejectsNawaz

Our Prophet PBUH could have took money in return from Meccan war prisoners. - IK #SwatRejectsNawaz


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does PBUH stand for?
PBUH stands for "Peace Be Upon Him".
How to abbreviate "Peace Be Upon Him"?
"Peace Be Upon Him" can be abbreviated as PBUH.
What is the meaning of PBUH abbreviation?
The meaning of PBUH abbreviation is "Peace Be Upon Him".
What is PBUH abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PBUH is "Peace Be Upon Him".
What does PBUH mean?
PBUH as abbreviation means "Peace Be Upon Him".
What is shorthand of Peace Be Upon Him?
The most common shorthand of "Peace Be Upon Him" is PBUH.