What does LIL mean?

LIL means Little

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What is the abbreviation for Little?

Little can be abbreviated as LIL
Other shorthands for Little are: LTL, LIKKLE, lit, Lt, LB
What does LIL mean? It stands for Little
LIL - Little in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having LIL

This Asian man in his 40s is sitting next to me on the plane listening to No Problem by Lil Scrappy loud as possible. America is beautiful.

Yep so this how y'all feeling. - Lil B

Let's go women around the world I love y'all and major respect! - Lil B

use those cute lil thumbs family

Buy the World (feat. Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar & Future) - Single by Mike Will Made-It

Let's get it - Lil B

Shouts out to my lil homie for getting me one of these joints!

.@TheRealJRSmith learning a lil something from Kendall tonight! #BSLS16

New extremely rare Lil B music / art will change the world - Lil B

This is the purest and sweetest thing that's ever happened to me and I want you all to know I only cried a lil bit

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w/ depression we're not just dealing w/ a lil case of the sads. it's wildly fluctuating energy levels, suicidal ideation, exhaustion, fear

i will never not love dreams and nightmares by lil wayne ugh

I have another lil announcement okay it's sort of a bigISH one it's pretty cool READY

so I did that dumbass Kylie Jenner challenge and now I have a lil bump on my bottom lip and I am so sad

Big fish / Lil Fish #DC4 out now @meekmill @rickyrozay !

"it's Lil yatchy and Rae sremmurder"- Rickey Thompson

These boys better be looking over their shoulder today.. Lil nudge up here and I could grab my chase spot early

L imeen bi adiyyi wataniyyi byet7a22a2 bi iradit tatbii2 anoun l imeen. W 3a marr l Wa2t l 7a22 bi dawwi 3a 7alou. Koullouna lil watan

Listen to Lil Durk ft. Jadakiss - See Me Down (produced by @DonisBeats) by lildurkhq #np on #SoundCloud


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What does LIL stand for?
LIL stands for "Little".
How to abbreviate "Little"?
"Little" can be abbreviated as LIL.
What is the meaning of LIL abbreviation?
The meaning of LIL abbreviation is "Little".
What is LIL abbreviation?
One of the definitions of LIL is "Little".
What does LIL mean?
LIL as abbreviation means "Little".
What is shorthand of Little?
The most common shorthand of "Little" is LIL.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word LIL in term.