What does LOLZ mean?

LOLZ means Laugh out louds

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What is the abbreviation for Laugh out louds?

Laugh out louds can be abbreviated as LOLZ
Other shorthands for Laugh out louds are: KIK, lololz, lolin, LUL, l0lz, lolcano, loxen, lolerz, kek, lulz, lol'd, loxxen, (lol), lold, :lol:, lollerskates, lawl'd, lols, lawled, LLTM, alol, lawl, lolees, lolocost, ll, XD
What does LOLZ mean? It stands for Laugh out louds
LOLZ - Laugh out louds in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having LOLZ

Ask me questions using the hashtag #AskSuperwomanLIVE and I'll answer live! Cause, that's how this works...right? lolz

Hillary won't be showing up to her victory party. LOLZ!


Hehe, right? Thanks for the needed Lolz :-)

industry offended I offended Beyonce , then spent 6 months telling me they can't market brown > LOLZ

To recall, Kejriwal famously said "I am dengue mosquito..." Wish folks had taken that declaration seriously and not just said "Awww...Lolz".

Luckily they only spent about $200 or so. It also made me LOLz that one of their purchases was a pretzel in a city I've never been to before

trump had no real platform..no facts..no specific plans..sexual assaulted hella women..no experience & he gonna be president lolz #america

When I'm the stalker... Lolz #DYMMAA

And Hillary Clinton is now tweeting Breitbart heds for lolz.

More Comments with LOLZ...

Watch, for all the LOLz: CC: @jimmykimmel

@leamijou lolz i love it

good news: there's a brand new episode of today and it's full of LOLz. ch-ch-check it outttttttttt.

@tyleroakley LEGIT LOLZ.

Mexican immigration down by the hundreds of thousands. LOLZ.

this robe is so weird lolz

Whoops tweeted the wrong link lolz FIXED IT THOUGH

@GallowaySpeaks : "Punch this dick" Me : "Nae bor..." @BramTNA : "Oaft! Lolz"

Someone send me a link to Sausage Party online please lolz


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does LOLZ stand for?
LOLZ stands for "Laugh out louds".
How to abbreviate "Laugh out louds"?
"Laugh out louds" can be abbreviated as LOLZ.
What is the meaning of LOLZ abbreviation?
The meaning of LOLZ abbreviation is "Laugh out louds".
What is LOLZ abbreviation?
One of the definitions of LOLZ is "Laugh out louds".
What does LOLZ mean?
LOLZ as abbreviation means "Laugh out louds".
What is shorthand of Laugh out louds?
The most common shorthand of "Laugh out louds" is LOLZ.