What does sol mean?

sol means shit outta luck

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What is the abbreviation for shit outta luck?

shit outta luck can be abbreviated as sol
What does sol mean? It stands for shit outta luck
sol - shit outta luck in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having sol

TSM has used this aurelion sol counter strategy before, rng should have been prepared for it

Aurelion Sol joins me on the Worlds banned list.

La Puerta del Sol clama por los animales!!! #MisionAbolicion

#MTVMAMA2016 Best Group goes to Sauti Sol , Congrats

Here's the Sol bug from my POV, hopefully it'll be fixed to stop affecting any other matches.

Una decena de personas agreden a una pareja gay que caminaba abrazada por la Puerta del Sol

Not even another Sol disable was enough to win us this one, Mata played insanely well. We will adapt for tomorrow. GGWP RNG!

Hace rato que estoy viendo este video en directo de el sol ampliado, me quedo hipnotizado jaja

aplaudindo o sol em homenagem ao povo de humanas #CerimoniaDeAbertura

"Chelsea have the right balance" - Sol Campbell says he was impressed by the Blues at Southampton #SOUCHE

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Player of the Game // @clgaming vs. @LOL_Tigers: @LOLHuHi (11/1/6 - Aurelion Sol) #Worlds

a noite acaba qnd o sol nasce

Aurelion Sol will remain disabled for Day 2. We will provide an update on Aurelion Sol's future availability before the end of the day.

If Hillary does for women what Obama did for blacks, they're SOL.

Quien tiene ojos en el alma no CREE en el amor. SABE de el. Lo trae consigo y lo reparte. Sabe que el sol y las penas alcanzan para todos.

Tonight at Foro Sol in Mexico City!

perma ban aurelion sol plz anti fun champ

Beyaz Futbol soruyor ; en iyi sol bek transferi hangisi ? #beyazfutboldobradobra

Je trouve que le sol c'est super utile. Sinon on tomberait dans le vide en essayant de marcher. Bravo le sol et merci.


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What does sol stand for?
sol stands for "shit outta luck".
How to abbreviate "shit outta luck"?
"shit outta luck" can be abbreviated as sol.
What is the meaning of sol abbreviation?
The meaning of sol abbreviation is "shit outta luck".
What is sol abbreviation?
One of the definitions of sol is "shit outta luck".
What does sol mean?
sol as abbreviation means "shit outta luck".
What is shorthand of shit outta luck?
The most common shorthand of "shit outta luck" is sol.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word sol in term.