What does OOMF mean?

OOMF means One of My Followers

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What is the abbreviation for One of My Followers?

One of My Followers can be abbreviated as OOMF
What does OOMF mean? It stands for One of My Followers
OOMF - One of My Followers in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having OOMF

in need of a date, @ oomf where you at?

@ oomf

shoutout to oomf who finally taught me what oomf means

When is oomf gonna message me

#OOMF is missing. Please RT!

@newamericanas whats an oomf?

Trying to have #oomf the mother of my child.

#oomf be twatching smh lol

lowkey Miss ooMf

I don't think I used that HT once in the entire thread, yet oomf felt the need to force it onto my thread, attracting trolls to attack me

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Only to #oomf

feel like kissing Oomf...

Lol #oomf sing a different tune every two days.

We had nosebleed tickets for the 2014 NOLA show, but #OOMF had a great one, so we snuck down there. Incredible.

I want Oomf to Travel the world with me


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What does OOMF stand for?
OOMF stands for "One of My Followers".
How to abbreviate "One of My Followers"?
"One of My Followers" can be abbreviated as OOMF.
What is the meaning of OOMF abbreviation?
The meaning of OOMF abbreviation is "One of My Followers".
What is OOMF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of OOMF is "One of My Followers".
What does OOMF mean?
OOMF as abbreviation means "One of My Followers".
What is shorthand of One of My Followers?
The most common shorthand of "One of My Followers" is OOMF.