What does B/C mean?

B/C means Because

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What is the abbreviation for Because?

Because can be abbreviated as B/C
What does B/C mean? It stands for Because
B/C - Because in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having B/C

A legal source says: FBI actually had a duty to determine if emails were not duplicates first, b/c if they are, it's *not* even new evidence

All this talk suggesting certain Trump voters can't be racist b/c they voted for Obama reflects a deep misunderstanding of how racism works.

Spox says Carson feels he shouldn't run a gov agency b/c he has no government experience. Reminder: Carson did think he could run a country.

Can't explain how infuriating it is for people of color who grew up working class to hear we should indulge other ppls racism b/c economics.

You don't grab a Muslim's woman's hijab for fun. You do it because you want to intimidate her and you want her to know it's b/c she's Muslim

I have always feared for the future of America, b/c every democratic experiment is very fragile. via @BBCNewsnight

.@HuffingtonPost She lost b/c she's a woman. So says one who almost became our first vice-president without a brain

I weep for HRC b/c she worked ALL HER LIFE for this and was defeated by an ill-tempered Orangutan in a wig. I'm so mad for her.

Do they even sell McFlurry's anymore? The machine is always broken. I don't even order them b/c I don't want to be disappointed.

.@ARIBERMAN tells @JoyAnnReid how a Wisconsin city clerk tried to block college voters b/c they tend to lean Dem:

More Comments with B/C...

"We lost b/c rubes eat up hoaxes" less difficult to face up to than "we lost b/c our candidate was bad+voters think we look down on them."

remember when GOP said Susan Rice was disqualified from being Obama's SoS nominee b/c Benghazi? and press basically played along....

Clinton policy ignored b/c press created entire separate news category for her: emails

Law enforcement officials basically telling @evanperez that Lynch/Yates had no recourse b/c of the tarmac visit w/ Bill Clinton

Trump has chosen racist WM for chief strategist, natsec, AG, & CIA. You know who's certain Trump didn't win b/c of economic anxiety? Trump.

Activist, Rutgers professor says NYPD came to his home, forced him to undergo psych evaluation b/c of tweets.

We must remember that #calaisjungle is being cleared not b/c the #refugeecrisis is over but b/c politicians want to sweep it under the rug.

those dismissing accounts of violence from Trump supporters b/c "people make stuff up online" voted Trump b/c of stuff people made up online

Only reason why War Crimes are happening in #Yemen is b/c #TheresaMay sells tyrannical regime in Saudi Arabia guns.


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What does B/C stand for?
B/C stands for "Because".
How to abbreviate "Because"?
"Because" can be abbreviated as B/C.
What is the meaning of B/C abbreviation?
The meaning of B/C abbreviation is "Because".
What is B/C abbreviation?
One of the definitions of B/C is "Because".
What does B/C mean?
B/C as abbreviation means "Because".
What is shorthand of Because?
The most common shorthand of "Because" is B/C.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word B/C in term.