What does cus mean?

cus means Because

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Because?

Because can be abbreviated as cus
What does cus mean? It stands for Because
cus - Because in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having cus

This is the first time that I've watched every debate. Can't tell if I'm interested cus I'm older, it's more entertaining or just terrified.

Ada lowongan nih buat magang jadi asisten video editor gue. Kirim lamaran ke management@radityadika.com. Syaratnya bisa Adobe Premiere. Cus!

I'm soooo excited to watch the EMA's and a realli nervous cus want zara and shawn and lukas graham and dua lipa to win so yeah

This tour and you guys make me so happy i just keep smiling and today i woke up and my jaw hurts cus i've been smiling so much no joke


Don't buck cus if I knuck we gone have a problem.

who's sitting in class just endless scrolling on your timeline hoping to get entertained cus i am

And if people (fans) wanna throw it n then we aint really want u Ridin with us anyways. Cus as much as yall care the players care 100x more

I always freak out when I turn on the stove and it clicks more than five times, cus I feel like once it sparks the whole place will blow up

If you dont watch #TheWalkingDead tonight you're stupid. WHY!?? Cus I'm on it duh. Come see what the Kingdom has to offer you

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I'm going back to sleep cus my head hurts trying to fathom why people actually voted for trump goodnight

@atti_cus how can Shah say that people suffering are not patriots? #DeMonetisation

tea :) don't drink coffee cus it makes me sleepy

What's more likely... Democrats firebombing that GOP building, or Trump supporters doing it cus the GOP hasn't supported Trump enough?

Just dropped 20k on a fur baby cus winter is coming

Enaknya jadi cowok: dari proses cuci muka gosok gigi pake deodorant pake parfum ganti baju pake sepatu cuma maks 10 menit udah bisa cus.

A very special @OpTicGaming Vision to me cus I filmed the csgo boys, u should watch it: r pretty good @OpTicHitch

Kaine: You sure you want to bring up the candidate's foundations? Cus Trump....Really? Ok, go with that. #DrunkTweetTheDebates

bit like that kid at school who would screw if you questioned the teacher cus thed make us stay behind


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does cus stand for?
cus stands for "Because".
How to abbreviate "Because"?
"Because" can be abbreviated as cus.
What is the meaning of cus abbreviation?
The meaning of cus abbreviation is "Because".
What is cus abbreviation?
One of the definitions of cus is "Because".
What does cus mean?
cus as abbreviation means "Because".
What is shorthand of Because?
The most common shorthand of "Because" is cus.