What does cos mean?

cos means Because

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What is the abbreviation for Because?

Because can be abbreviated as cos
What does cos mean? It stands for Because
cos - Because in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having cos

Imagine if Obama had chosen Rahm as CoS and Farrakhan as chief strategist. Would the stories be about finding common ground?

when maritza roasted one of the COs for comparing her to breakfast food

Lots of chatter. Breitibart's Bannon in WH is deeply troubling. Bannon as COS would have been more so. Not "normalization." Just a fact.

that Bannon, a proud unrepentant member of racist alt-right, will have an official role in the WH is the news here, not Priebus getting COS

Obama lying @ Trump wanting auto cos to go bankrupt. Trump: "The survival of GM Ford and Chrysler= important to the long-term health of US."

I presume those who shouted we can't take refugees cos of UK homeless are now screaming about the 300K kids #benefitscap could make homeless

Anyone who doesn't think the COS pick was meaningful should re-read this Tweet from yesterday.

Choice of @Reince as COS over Bannon seems like a strong signal that @realDonaldTrump is taking a more conventional, conservative path.

Incoming WH COS calls white nationalist WH strategist a "force for good"

Bring out the firecrackers cos #BabyKoBassPasandHai is about to hit 75 MILLION VIEWS on @YouTube. Play & Celebrate.

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Oosthuizen & Jackson don't want bail cos they fear for their lives. They seemed pretty fearless when they were assaulting uMlotshwa.

I told my boyfriend that #toblerone was originally cylindrical but they had to change it cos it kept rolling off tables and he believed me

Frustration is when you r listed to speak in RS & the House keeps getting adjourned 'cos some people don't want a debate. #BlackmoneyDebate

PM says he won't debate Boris because he doesn't want blue-on-blue. Why then is @AmberRudd_MP being so personal? 'Cos DC's not telling truth

'cos Jinns are still around bruv. Jinns are like humans. Some are good, some are naughty. #tauhidlessonbeforeisya

People are poor, needy etc - cos they have done something, cos I can do something 4them. One is their Karma, other is our Dharma. @khurshed

how instagram affects the way we eat! (& cos the whole world isn't a black mirror ep, i think it's a Good Thing)

Mad people in Lagos are much. Killed a small boy cos of "Garri". This kind of embarrassment the south is causing Nigeria is too much. shame

Mum & dad? 3 kids? Imagine having to move 10 times in jst over a decade, cos you live in the private rented sector?


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does cos stand for?
cos stands for "Because".
How to abbreviate "Because"?
"Because" can be abbreviated as cos.
What is the meaning of cos abbreviation?
The meaning of cos abbreviation is "Because".
What is cos abbreviation?
One of the definitions of cos is "Because".
What does cos mean?
cos as abbreviation means "Because".
What is shorthand of Because?
The most common shorthand of "Because" is cos.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word cos in term.