What does COS mean?

COS means Change Of Subject

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What is the abbreviation for Change Of Subject?

4 ways to abbreviate Change Of Subject
Change Of Subject can be abbreviated as COS
Other shorthands for Change Of Subject are: C/S, cs, Çs
What does COS mean? It stands for Change Of Subject
COS - Change Of Subject in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having COS

Imagine if Obama had chosen Rahm as CoS and Farrakhan as chief strategist. Would the stories be about finding common ground?

that Bannon, a proud unrepentant member of racist alt-right, will have an official role in the WH is the news here, not Priebus getting COS

Lots of chatter. Breitibart's Bannon in WH is deeply troubling. Bannon as COS would have been more so. Not "normalization." Just a fact.

Anyone who doesn't think the COS pick was meaningful should re-read this Tweet from yesterday.

Choice of @Reince as COS over Bannon seems like a strong signal that @realDonaldTrump is taking a more conventional, conservative path.

Incoming WH COS calls white nationalist WH strategist a "force for good"

A source w/ knowledge of Reince CoS pick told me last night: "Instead of draining the swamp, we just put in the head alligator."

I guess the operative question is how power is actually divided. But COS has inherent authorities that advisers do not.

GOP mood: Sunday 4:00 pm: Trump's behaved well since election, Reince good as COS. It might all work out. Sunday 6:00 pm: Steve Bannon. OMG.

Suggestion to cos & professionals: Pls pay ur staff an advance in cash (Rs 100/2000 notes). We are doing that with our staff #DeMonetisation

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The winner of the Bannon v. Priebus COS battle will answer basically every question about Pres-elect Trump's plans.

Protests in USA cos they dont like their president! Should be protesting about half the population that didnt bother to vote #democracy

I just watered a fake tree cos I was too busy watching the walking dead to pay attention hahahah

I can go to n to tell u how promoters abroad said if u are ewe u gotta do it for free cos we are helping

I can go on to tell u how some1 on a committee for giving awards told us we can't win if @Dahammergh is my manager cos they don't like him

I can go on to tell u about how @Dahammergh reached one big artiste and 2years straight he refused a feat on my debut cos it's ewe

I can go on to tell u how u have to stay positive thru out all of it...Cos the negative energy is a propeller

I can tell u how radio stations play the generic language songs cos they claim that's what the ppl want..I thought we influenced the ppl

I can go on to tell u how @Dahammergh wanted a place in to shoo my video and they declined cos I am an ewe Artiste


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What does COS stand for?
COS stands for "Change Of Subject".
How to abbreviate "Change Of Subject"?
"Change Of Subject" can be abbreviated as COS.
What is the meaning of COS abbreviation?
The meaning of COS abbreviation is "Change Of Subject".
What is COS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of COS is "Change Of Subject".
What does COS mean?
COS as abbreviation means "Change Of Subject".
What is shorthand of Change Of Subject?
The most common shorthand of "Change Of Subject" is COS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word COS in term.