What does larping mean?

larping means Live Action Role-Playing

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What is the abbreviation for Live Action Role-Playing?

Live Action Role-Playing can be abbreviated as larping
What does larping mean? It stands for Live Action Role-Playing
What does larping mean? - Definition of larping - larping stands for Live Action Role-Playing. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having larping

Why did I just buy larping classes on groupon

Omg Jamie Lee Curtis is LARPing at the "Warcraft" premiere with no regard for the fact that she is NOT IN THE FILM

I told you all those LARPing skills would come in handy

Damn political correctness gettin' in the way of my Nazi LARPing

A friend I haven't talked to in a while unfollowed me on here. This wouldn't be a problem but he left his LARPing swords at my place

Does the success of Westworld mean LARPing is now mainstream?

Pence LARPing Reagan now did....not work.

Saw grown men LARPing in a park today. Wasn't sure if I was more mad that they were doing this or mad at myself for knowing what it is.

huge fan of this extremely dweeby Nazi LARPing

Just another #LARPing for the @WWE @LegendsHouse cast, which you can see NOW on @WWENetwork!

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Watch Trey Gowdy LARPing a Republican campaign ad during the FBI Hillarymail hearing:

Is anyone else really thrilled with how all the characters in Junkenstein's Revenge are in character? Like they're LARPing or something.

it's like Walking Dead LARPing, but with real guns

Weird but true: M&M depicts LARPing, which... no one actually did, back then. You can watch the WHOLE THING here.

#LARPing takes center stage on this edition of @WWE @LegendsHouse RIGHT NOW on @WWENetwork!

The truth is that we're all LARPing our way through life. And I suppose all you can do is try and maybe LARP a bit less in your day to day.


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What does larping stand for?
larping stands for "Live Action Role-Playing".
How to abbreviate "Live Action Role-Playing"?
"Live Action Role-Playing" can be abbreviated as larping.
What is the meaning of larping abbreviation?
The meaning of larping abbreviation is "Live Action Role-Playing".
What is larping abbreviation?
One of the definitions of larping is "Live Action Role-Playing".
What does larping mean?
larping as abbreviation means "Live Action Role-Playing".
What is shorthand of Live Action Role-Playing?
The most common shorthand of "Live Action Role-Playing" is larping.