What does KEWL mean?

KEWL means Cool

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What is the abbreviation for Cool?

Cool can be abbreviated as KEWL
Other shorthands for Cool are: k3wl, koo, B=), CEWL, KUL, kuhl, SOOD, COO, qool, ql, CLD, KL, kuwl, C, AGG, HC, kool, KIFF, Kol, (cool), DECK, KWEL, B), C00, [[329136487130785]], 8), MEAN, 8=), :B)
What does KEWL mean? It stands for Cool
KEWL - Cool in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having KEWL

election summary: in the US, misogyny & hate speech are acceptable from a pres. candidate as long as it's toward immigrants & Muslims. Kewl

@ChrissyCostanza bcuz guns r kewl and baginas r icky duh

How u feel when u on stage playing bass and u hear Sydney sing "cookies" instead of kewl kids. I'm scared of change

Lotsa kewl stuff!!

A Kewl fan art book from @YouTube thank you xoxo - GloZell

I have trust issues because people write kewl for cool

We look so offish in the new @ClevverTV pics - pretty KEWL! PS just curious as to WHO I'm trying to interview here.

Be still my heart! @JohnMTurturro shout out to moi @FallonTonight last nite! Kewl.

Power Panel tonight on @PnPCBC KEWL KIDS @amandaalvaro @powerstim @iancapstick @althiaraj. See ya in a few hours

it's kewl. I didn't need sleep tonight anyway

More Comments with KEWL...

DMs r open for the night if u wanna be kewl :)

These were our top Retweeters of Last week! @Krista_Babybear @kats_kewl @Alyssa_nz13 #FanShoutout

Unless you r one of those girls that's just coming 2take selfies and act 2 kewl than yes wear your best bikini lol

"#nerd" once meant one possessed of extraordinary knowledge albeit poor social skills. Now it means one possessing kewl cosplay gear.

This would be kewl. I WANT TO GO ON TOUR WITH @GavinDeGraw & @andygrammer!!!??

"@DeppDeppheads: @mattsorum looking forward to the tour of the Vampires? Will be wonderful !" Kewl

just wrote a kewl song. :) wanna heaaaaar it?

Novelty design criticism has looped back around to bad design is kewl again. Someone pls power cycle the internet.

Sending #ldnont #luv to kewl Canadian flick @BorealisMovie w/ @JoeyKingActress It opens @TheHyland Friday #jbnblog


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What does KEWL stand for?
KEWL stands for "Cool".
How to abbreviate "Cool"?
"Cool" can be abbreviated as KEWL.
What is the meaning of KEWL abbreviation?
The meaning of KEWL abbreviation is "Cool".
What is KEWL abbreviation?
One of the definitions of KEWL is "Cool".
What does KEWL mean?
KEWL as abbreviation means "Cool".
What is shorthand of Cool?
The most common shorthand of "Cool" is KEWL.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word KEWL in term.