What does KL mean?

KL means Cool

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What is the abbreviation for Cool?

Cool can be abbreviated as KL
Other shorthands for Cool are: k3wl, KEWL, B=), koo, CEWL, KUL, kuhl, SOOD, COO, qool, ql, CLD, kuwl, C, AGG, KIFF, HC, kool, Kol, (cool), KWEL, DECK, C00, B), [[329136487130785]], 8), MEAN, 8=), :B)
What does KL mean? It stands for Cool
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Comments having KL

#AWANInews Pengguna LRT, KL Monorel boleh tuntut bayaran balik jika tren lewat 15 minit

Love this man - watched #Fan on flight back from KL. Can't believe he played both roles.

The view from @RAFRed10's jet - RAF photographer Corporal Steve Buckley captured the team over #KL #RedArrowsTour

JUST IN: KL Rahul has been added to the Indian squad for the second Test against England to be played at Vizag. #INDvsENG

LRT, KL Monorail to pay passengers for late train #AWANINews

#kualalumpur Mini Dhaka di KL

sejak itu nenek aku gamau tinggal disitu krn ketakutan, dan rmhnya kosong, ditempatin kl ada sodara2 yg dtg dan kumpul keluarga aja(4)

*KL Public investment, not private landlordism. Planning is the answer. #houseofcommons #CathyComeHome

Rafizi Ramli diperintah bayar ganti rugi RM200,000 kepada Mohamad Salleh Ismail & NFCorp kerana fitnah berhubung isu hartanah KL Eco City

Trus paling sedih kl obatnya gede Udah susah nelen,gede lagi Bisa 3 kali ngulang gara2 gagal..trus jdinya pait bgt lidah aku wkwkw:(

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Our KL-SG High Speed Rail represents Japan's No.1 priority in terms of investment into Malaysia & we welcome this.

'KL Rahul along with Vijay is our No. 1 choice' - Kohli #INDvENG

'IPL 2016 made me realise I could play all formats' - KL Rahul

Bas terbalik di Lebuhraya KL-Seremban: Pemandu punya tiga rekod kesalahan

Virat Kohli in PC: KL Rahul is our no.1 choice with Murali Vijay. When Rahul is fit he comes straight into the playing XI. #IndvsEng

Twitter / Instagram? twitter kl lagi mau menyampaikan sesuatu, kl instagram buat ngepost foto2 yg cantik2 aj wkwk #DenaLagiPickone

#6HRoma - @OfficialFisico and @kl_motorsport victorious at @Vallelunga

We have been alerted to news going around regarding several road closures in #KL. We would like to clarify that it was not issued by #BERSIH

#INDvENG KL Rahul added to India squad for second Test MORE:


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does KL stand for?
KL stands for "Cool".
How to abbreviate "Cool"?
"Cool" can be abbreviated as KL.
What is the meaning of KL abbreviation?
The meaning of KL abbreviation is "Cool".
What is KL abbreviation?
One of the definitions of KL is "Cool".
What does KL mean?
KL as abbreviation means "Cool".
What is shorthand of Cool?
The most common shorthand of "Cool" is KL.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word KL in term.