What does LOML mean?

LOML means Love Of My Life

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What is the abbreviation for Love Of My Life?

3 ways to abbreviate Love Of My Life
Love Of My Life can be abbreviated as LOML
Other shorthands for Love Of My Life are: LML, lomy
What does LOML mean? It stands for Love Of My Life
LOML - Love Of My Life in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having LOML

I like to do outdoorsy things with the loml

I just want to travel with the loml

just found the loml on instagram I slid in the DMS *crosses fingers*

ugh loml coming out w new music @jacobsartorius #blessup #tybg

Really looking forward to see the LOML @selenagomez but my heart just doesn't let me. I just rather be home.

Far apart but you own my heart LOML @realjonfletcher #handsoff #heismine #berg #imissyou

Missing my cuddle crew! #squadgoals #illbehomesoon #loveyou #loml

@spxrkssfly @IoveIishood @urbanoutfitters aka loml

@Olzanskimylife goodnight loml

Met the loml since idek 10... @MahoganyLOX #cutie #loml

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Right where I want to be... Home! #loml

I'm coming 4 u loml #internetlingoonpoint

#LOML #babyshower #katielovesbrandon


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What does LOML stand for?
LOML stands for "Love Of My Life".
How to abbreviate "Love Of My Life"?
"Love Of My Life" can be abbreviated as LOML.
What is the meaning of LOML abbreviation?
The meaning of LOML abbreviation is "Love Of My Life".
What is LOML abbreviation?
One of the definitions of LOML is "Love Of My Life".
What does LOML mean?
LOML as abbreviation means "Love Of My Life".
What is shorthand of Love Of My Life?
The most common shorthand of "Love Of My Life" is LOML.