What does BITS mean?

BITS means Back in the Saddle

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What is the abbreviation for Back in the Saddle?

2 ways to abbreviate Back in the Saddle
Back in the Saddle can be abbreviated as BITS
Other shorthands for Back in the Saddle are: BIS
What does BITS mean? It stands for Back in the Saddle
BITS - Back in the Saddle in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BITS

@anupamachopra thank u I really liked all the bits. Reflective, refreshing and ridiculous too.

As Joey Barton's time at Rangers comes to an abrupt end, let's take a look at his best bits...

When your mum pops into Tesco for a couple of bits and you decide to stay in the car

45 yrs ago today Intel unveiled the first single-chip CPU. 4 bits, 16 pins & 740KHz: #4004

Here's a thought...Do people who like orange juice without juicy bits like crunchy peanut butter? Because that would make no sense to me.

i deleted Twitter on my phone so I could be present in the world. at home I still enjoy the swirling virtual garbage and bits of light

Throwback to Gabor Kiraly doing absolute bits at Euro 2016...

We're like a couple of marshmallows lost in a sea of plain cereal bits from a defective box of Lucky Charms.

Obama has tried during this press conference to save three key bits of his legacy - healthcare, Iran and Paris.

Happy Birthday my wonderful friend ! @mister_CMS Love you to bits my old chumster xxxx #handsomebrute

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We ad-libbed a lot of the explosive bits. @DJCotrona

New Emotes are live! CRINGE, FEELS, PRIDE, BITS, SPOOKY. Thank you to @bilvyy <3

Here's some bits of one of my favorite days on @DisneyMoana: conducting Tamatoa!

One of the more impressive bits of digital campaign communication I've ever seen: The Way Back When Machine

Farewell to Guy - We Self-lessly look back at a Holby legend in a magnificent montage of his best bits!

Sharia law treats women like bits of cheap property, but this is what the left-wing media concerns itself with.

The French Blow ISIS Car Bomb To Bits After Syrians Miss [VIDEO]

Motion on EU strategic communication to counteract propaganda, incl. interesting bits on Russia. (via @JessikkaAro)

#RushForCash Here are the bits that matter from this morning's announcement


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What does BITS stand for?
BITS stands for "Back in the Saddle".
How to abbreviate "Back in the Saddle"?
"Back in the Saddle" can be abbreviated as BITS.
What is the meaning of BITS abbreviation?
The meaning of BITS abbreviation is "Back in the Saddle".
What is BITS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BITS is "Back in the Saddle".
What does BITS mean?
BITS as abbreviation means "Back in the Saddle".
What is shorthand of Back in the Saddle?
The most common shorthand of "Back in the Saddle" is BITS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BITS in term.