What does 2 mean?

2 means To

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What is the abbreviation for To?

To can be abbreviated as 2
What does 2 mean? It stands for To
2 - To in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having 2

Hearty Congratulations 2 @realDonaldTrump for being elected as President of US. Hope u will serve the Nation & World with best of ur efforts

after 12 absurd weeks at number 1, Closer has finally fell to number 2. thank god. i was starting to worry i was living in a simulation. RIP

We'd 8-2 miss the chance to show this again... #MUFC

Ray Allen's legacy: 2,973 3-pointers. Four teams. Two championships. One legendary jumper.

Regular Odell: Easy 2 hand catch, walk in TD. Inner Odell: 1 hand catch, point at defender, hit dem folks, 5K fine.

its hard 2 open up

Feels good turning 2 years old today

I'm 2 years old not 30

CHICAGO TAKES GAME 2! Cubs win 1st World Series game since 1945, tying up the series with Cleveland.

Looks like the Model S P100D Easter egg will allow it to do 0 to 60 mph in 2.4 sec and a 10.6 sec 1/4 mile via software update next month

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5. While Trump suggests he has an MBA from prestigious Wharton graduate school, only attended undergraduate program for 2 years. Has no MBA

New College Football Playoff Rankings: 1) Alabama 2) Ohio State 3) Michigan 4) Clemson

The only two descriptions of traffic: 1. "Wasn't too bad actually" 2. "Absolute nightmare"

1. FBI not reopening the investigation. 2. Comey legally had 2 inform Congress, because he testified they had finished reviewing evidence,

China is now explaining the history of climate change science/politics 2 underscore to Trump they didnt do a hoax. God this is embarrassing.

Numbers in. If protest voters took election seriously, HRC wouldve won Michigan, Wisconsin and FL, not including "refuse 2 vote" babies.

He had the majority of 1st place votes and 2 writers didn't have him on their ballots?!! can you pick more out of touch people to vote?@MLB

The media didnt do its job this election. Treated Trump like a sideshow. That's why real reporters like @Fahrenthold need 2 be cherished.

Two things history will record 30 years from now: 1) Hillary never had a chance. 2) Obama worst President ever.


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What does 2 stand for?
2 stands for "To".
How to abbreviate "To"?
"To" can be abbreviated as 2.
What is the meaning of 2 abbreviation?
The meaning of 2 abbreviation is "To".
What is 2 abbreviation?
One of the definitions of 2 is "To".
What does 2 mean?
2 as abbreviation means "To".
What is shorthand of To?
The most common shorthand of "To" is 2.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word 2 in term.

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