What does u 2 mean?

u 2 means you too

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
Particularly in Texting Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for you too?

you too can be abbreviated as u 2
Other shorthands for you too are: U2, TYT, 2U2, 4U2, Fyt, YT, yot
What does u 2 mean? It stands for you too
What does u 2 mean? - Definition of u 2 - u 2 stands for you too. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having u 2

Motivation Wednesday's Don't do what they expect u 2 do. Do the unexpected. That's how winners win. That's how great people become great.

Half Of U N*ggaz Problem Is U 2 Busy Worrying About The Next Man!!!!

@YUVSTRONG12 tks bro best wishes ever. I gues wid ur marriage round d corner u 2 can do wid some sharp runing between d kitchen & bedroom!

Pride is very strong-powerful and very seductive-It will motivate U 2 defend your limitations just 2 B right about your wrongness#FixMyLife

Thank u 2 every friend that screamed & cried with me last night. The best part is the love. 4ever grateful 4 u all.

when pizza is bae but mom wants u 2 do ur homework *reaches for phone, the vine app,,, it's gone* i-i-i,,, fuk,,, im 40 years old

She doesn't want U 2 miss it, so @MaryDiaz997 is giving U a heads up that she'll play #Company @justinbieber @ 2:36p

JUST REMEMBER: media/govt doesn't want u 2 see @13hours or @vaxxedthemovie They have your best interests at heart. #TheyllDecideForYou

Thnk u 2 all who tuned in last night 2 the @iHeartRadio awards! Had an amazing time hosting and performing for y'all

Wr waiting fr u 2 feed ur chimps as promised.@NYBloodCenter @NYBCrightthing #feedyourchimps @RCArmitage#rhysifans

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When God leads u 2 step out in an area 2 do something new, u may feel fear. However, if ur sure God told u 2 do it, trust in Him & go fwd.

Traverse City is rockin' it for Bernie! Ann Arbor rockin' it for Bernie! Lansing/East Lansing rockin' it for Bernie! Grand Rapids- u 2! WTF!

Just know that there is no band that has ever been self-made and there is often women doing demanding nd invisible labor 4 u 2 see/hear them

I want u 2 breathe me,Let me be your air,Let me roam your body freely,No inhibition,no fear, how deep is your love?

Did depression tell u 2 end it? Did treatment quiet the voice? If so ur story can save some1. Share your story. Save a life. #SickNotWeak

Life & situations don't always allow U 2 smile on the outside... but no one can take UR heart, faith or inner will 2 succeed. Keep pushing!

I can understand if you don't rock w/me, but I need U 2 live that truth, 2 eliminate confusion. Don't like me 2day & talk about me next week

I luv u 2

Tonight I'm filming my 6th comedy special in Chicago. Thank u 2 everyone who has been a part of this amazing ride


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What does u 2 stand for?
u 2 stands for "you too".
How to abbreviate "you too"?
"you too" can be abbreviated as u 2.
What is the meaning of u 2 abbreviation?
The meaning of u 2 abbreviation is "you too".
What is u 2 abbreviation?
One of the definitions of u 2 is "you too".
What does u 2 mean?
u 2 as abbreviation means "you too".
What is shorthand of you too?
The most common shorthand of "you too" is u 2.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word u 2 in term.