What does MTF mean?

MTF means More to Follow

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What is the abbreviation for More to Follow?

More to Follow can be abbreviated as MTF
Other shorthands for More to Follow are: MF
What does MTF mean? It stands for More to Follow
MTF - More to Follow in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having MTF

UPDATE 3: Semi v Multi Autos @ E Ben White WB/S IH35 SB: #ATCEMSMedics now evaluating ~15 pt's advising only ~3 possible transports. MTF

UPDATE 4: Semi v Multi Autos @ E Ben White WB/S IH35 SB: 6 vehicles involved, 15 pt's (12 adults & 3 Pedi's) 3 adults to be transported. MTF

UPDATE Veh ResQ 10200blk Manchaca: #ATCEMSMedics report 6 total patients, 2 declared trauma alerts, 1 poss #ATXTraffic fatality, MTF

UPDATE 2: Semi v Multi Autos @ E Ben White WB/S IH35 SB: Initial reports of multiple patients involved. 14 pts reported, unknown inj's MTF

Multiple @ATCEMS assets on-scene of MVC outside COTA event @ Elroy Rd/FM812 (22:26): @STAR_Flight_TC enroute to scene. Unknown inj's MTF

UPDATE: MVC @ Elroy Rd/FM812 Rd; Trauma Alert declared on adult female; Heavy traffic delays expected in the area post COTA events. MTF

#ATCEMSMedics onscene of Auto v Ped @ Pleasant Valley Rd/Lakeshore Blvd (20:58); Reports of unconscious patient declared Trauma Alert MTF

Multiple @ATCEMS @austinfiredept @Austin_Police assets responding to reported Semi v Multi Autos @ E Ben White WB TO S IH35 SB (14:28) MTF

UPDATE3 Mt Bonnell ResQ: @STAR_Flight_TC planning to hoist pt directly into cabin & transport UMCB w/potential serious injuries, MTF

UPDATE4 Veh ResQ Manchaca ~40sF txpt'd SAMC w/critical life threat injs earlier ~20sM txpt'd w/pot serious not expected life threat injs MTF

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UPDATE Mt Bonnell ResQ: rescuers w/pt contact recommending @STAR_Flight_TC hoist pt for extrication , trauma alert, ~40sF 40-50ft fall, MTF

UPDATE3 Veh ResQ 10200blk Manchaca: 2nd pinned pt ~40sF extricated being pckg'd for txpt SAMC 3 more pts w/non life threat injs for txpt MTF

Mult ResQ assets responding/onscene Mt Bonnell Park (1913) ~40sF reported 40-50ft fall, rescuers w/verbal contact STARFlight responding, MTF

Multiple ResQ assets responding land ResQ Big View/Josh Ln, reported pt on trail w/poss lower ext injury, MTF

UPDATE2 Veh ResQ 10200blk Manchaca: 1st pinned trauma alert ~20sM extricated txpt'd to SAH, 2nd trauma pt ~40sF extrication in progress, MTF

UPDATE ~2000 N I35 SB lower deck: #ATCEMS command reporting 4 vehicles involved, requesting 2nd ambulance to respond to scene, MTF

DEVELOPING: Police searching for two children: a three and four-year-old who are missing in Bull Creek Park. MTF.

UPDATE E Pflugerville Pkwy / Colorado Sand Dr- Single veh struck tree. 1 pt. Trauma alert declared. MTF

Medics on scene veh resq near E Pflugerville Pkwy / Colorado Sand Dr.(22:27) 1 adult female pt being extricated. Avoid area if poss. MTF


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does MTF stand for?
MTF stands for "More to Follow".
How to abbreviate "More to Follow"?
"More to Follow" can be abbreviated as MTF.
What is the meaning of MTF abbreviation?
The meaning of MTF abbreviation is "More to Follow".
What is MTF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of MTF is "More to Follow".
What does MTF mean?
MTF as abbreviation means "More to Follow".
What is shorthand of More to Follow?
The most common shorthand of "More to Follow" is MTF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word MTF in term.