What does CSB mean?

CSB means Cool Story Bro

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What is the abbreviation for Cool Story Bro?

Cool Story Bro can be abbreviated as CSB
What does CSB mean? It stands for Cool Story Bro
CSB - Cool Story Bro in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CSB

#NCAASeason92: FINAL - San Beda blows by CSB, 90-63.

DLS-CSB students among those who survived the historic floods; They're in West Virginia for an internship program

DLS-CSB students among those who survived the historic floods; They're in #WestVirginia for an internship program

DLS-CSB students lost all their belongings including passports and other travel documents after their house was swept away by flood waters

DLS-CSB students said the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC has reached out to them for assistance

7/ The WAI Brigade, also known as Community Support Brigade(CSB), is now being repositioned by the @NOA_Nigeria, to bring about ethical &...

Our scars are to remind us not that we were wounded but that we survived. CSB

What can #CSR programs learn from #socents? Realize #Impact assessment is important to stakeholders says @csb_esmt:

Become a Fellow @bodleiancsb & work with our special collections! (they're rather good)

Oraeme, Mapua overpower CSB for share of lead

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Don't let your focus on the past blur the focus of your future. CSB

Come out to Target Field on June 2nd for @CSBSJU Night! Package includes tix + cap >>

And here are the complete Euro skaters/goalies rankings from NHL CSB:

If you would like to view the complete NHL CSB rankings for North American skaters/goalies, here you go: #TSN

Dubois, Tkachuk, Nylander, Chychrun, Juolevi are top 5 on NHL CSB. North American skaters list.

The difference between a broken heart or a mended one totally depends on who's hands you put it in. CSB

SJU and CSB have landed on the Forbes' Best Value Colleges list. By @leclairmitch.

Most people that are on a constant attack of others, are usually trying to kill something they hate about themselves. CSB

#Concert : Samedi tous au @PanPiperLive pour danser avec @cheikhsidibemol & @Dendanation @CSB_Prod @RFi @RFIMusique


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does CSB stand for?
CSB stands for "Cool Story Bro".
How to abbreviate "Cool Story Bro"?
"Cool Story Bro" can be abbreviated as CSB.
What is the meaning of CSB abbreviation?
The meaning of CSB abbreviation is "Cool Story Bro".
What is CSB abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CSB is "Cool Story Bro".
What does CSB mean?
CSB as abbreviation means "Cool Story Bro".
What is shorthand of Cool Story Bro?
The most common shorthand of "Cool Story Bro" is CSB.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CSB in term.