What does kk mean?

kk means Cool Cool

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What is the abbreviation for Cool Cool?

Cool Cool can be abbreviated as kk
Other shorthands for Cool Cool are: KLKL
What does kk mean? It stands for Cool Cool
kk - Cool Cool in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having kk

Papaiiiiiiiiiiii kkk kkk kkk kk kkk kkk

@rickycuaca sampe berkhayal kalo kk jodoh aku gimana ya :')

Got mad respect for JJ & KK #UFC205

That's a SACK for @kk_mr93! #KeepPounding

RT, wenn @KevinKampl_KK euer Spieler des Spiels war! #THFCB04

Ok enough about Gone and his GF. He didn't get kicked out of the house. His GF didn't kidnap him. They just prefer where they are. kk.

JJ and KK got very heated in their staredown. Looked like Joanna pushed Karolina's forehead with her own.

Great job, girls! @NiaSioux @Kk_Vertes #DanceMoms

.@GPen and some KK on a Wednesday.

.@Kk_Vertes isn't holding anything back! #DanceMoms

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meu cel descarregou e meu carregador quebrou daora kk

MAS TE VALE. @ivo_kk

Even if KK loses this bout, she's gonna be one hell of a tough out at the top of this division for years. #UFC205

Dunno what JJ's saying to KK in there, but you can bet it's cruel as hell. #UFC205

Round 2 of 4 Vote: Are you [KK]idding me? #RaysTopPlays

JJ vs. KK gets heated. @ Madison Square Garden

Just re-watched it. Oh man, that JJ-KK staredown was one of the best I've seen in a long while.

@AnnaKendrick47 kk let's set up a time, shoot me a google cal

So wonderful to work with such beautiful and talented gals and their awesome moms @NiaSioux @Kk_Vertes @DanceMomHolly @DanceMomJill22


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What does kk stand for?
kk stands for "Cool Cool".
How to abbreviate "Cool Cool"?
"Cool Cool" can be abbreviated as kk.
What is the meaning of kk abbreviation?
The meaning of kk abbreviation is "Cool Cool".
What is kk abbreviation?
One of the definitions of kk is "Cool Cool".
What does kk mean?
kk as abbreviation means "Cool Cool".
What is shorthand of Cool Cool?
The most common shorthand of "Cool Cool" is kk.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word kk in term.