What does PRT mean?

PRT means Partial Retweet

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What is the abbreviation for Partial Retweet?

Partial Retweet can be abbreviated as PRT
What does PRT mean? It stands for Partial Retweet
PRT - Partial Retweet in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PRT

If this car bomb was set off by a Muslim you'd have a national crisis & rolling coverage. But it was thrown AT one - so nothing. #pRT

Festvls r an integral prt of us & its a gr8move dat cricketers wil b able to b wid their wives on dis auspicious day

Fordere jetzt den #Kohleausstieg: #EndCoal PRT

.@prt_thats_me no one said life was hard. Making videos is a choice. I choose not to. Like you choose to be ignorant.

Trailer shoot prt I #IAMHARDSTYLE

Upah Buruh Tani dan Bangunan Hingga PRT Naik di Oktober 2016 via @detikfinance

New video! Pod cars of the past and future: the Morgantown PRT: (thanks to @WVUDOT!)

#PRT Russia's strategy is to eliminate all workable opposition, rehabilitate #Assad int'ly, even if by default.

The iconic (& seminal prt of my adulthood) #LeTigre reunite: "I'm With Her" (Official Music Video) - YouTube

#prt aka

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The Barclays app makes banking convenient. Download it and be a prt of the new revolution #Barclays #MigrateAndProsper #bankwithlexis

#PRT Point by @davidfrum re the "war for oil" folks: it is *much* cheaper to just buy oil from a local regime; invading makes no sense.

80 Persen Kasus Kekerasan PRT Berhenti di Kepolisian.

Trailer shoot prt II #IAMHARDSTYLE

Ashwin, on his Twitter account alone, has surpassed MSD as my fav Indian cricketer ever. Helps that he's bloody good at cricket too. #PRT

#PRT Note that this latest thwarted #IS attack in France involved a guide, as per usual. It was not a "lone wolf" incident.

Diskriminasi Kerap Terjadi, Pemerintah Didesak Rancang UU Perlindungan PRT.

Conference participant said PRT model partitioned Afghanistan into geographic areas controlled by different donors

#PRT Two journalists from Pakistan -- one a former editor of a big paper and the other a hot shot journo calling for burning a source. Wtf.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does PRT stand for?
PRT stands for "Partial Retweet".
How to abbreviate "Partial Retweet"?
"Partial Retweet" can be abbreviated as PRT.
What is the meaning of PRT abbreviation?
The meaning of PRT abbreviation is "Partial Retweet".
What is PRT abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PRT is "Partial Retweet".
What does PRT mean?
PRT as abbreviation means "Partial Retweet".
What is shorthand of Partial Retweet?
The most common shorthand of "Partial Retweet" is PRT.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word PRT in term.