What does bro mean?

bro means Brothers Reaching Out

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What is the abbreviation for Brothers Reaching Out?

Brothers Reaching Out can be abbreviated as bro
What does bro mean? It stands for Brothers Reaching Out
bro - Brothers Reaching Out in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having bro

about to try pizza, spaghetti and pasta in Italy. Haven't been this excited since gray popped out my mom and I realized I had a twin bro

It confuses me seein all these ppl make excuses about not pursuing what they wanna do like bro i live in a third world country u r good

Happy gday bro I miss you

Except when you said that on: 3/27/16, 3/29/16, 4/3/16, & 5/4/16. Otherwise, cool story, bro.

Think before you think bro

frat bro: [staring into miror, tears forming] who.. who knows u here

Happy birthday bro @MarcusRashford

I'm not your mate, bro.

What did u say about my kush bro be honest.

Happy birthday lil bro. Love you dude! #18yearsoldtoday

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Dentist: "When was the last time you flossed?" Me: "BRO, you were there."

New heat with my bro @DonQhbtl

I don't know video wit bro A Boogie

My bad, bro. #ARIvsCGY

I've got no interest in talking to anyone who has ever used the dumbass "Bernie Bro" term, let alone used it as an excuse for Hillary losing

Robbie Mook: "We demand Comey put everything on the table for the public to see!" Um, bro, there are 650,000 emails. #smh

If your girlfriend doesn't drive you crazy, then you have the wrong girl bro.

The 'Bro Throw'

Modi cracks joke re common citizens' weddings hit by #demonetization - corrupt Reddy bro hosts multicrore wedding


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What does bro stand for?
bro stands for "Brothers Reaching Out".
How to abbreviate "Brothers Reaching Out"?
"Brothers Reaching Out" can be abbreviated as bro.
What is the meaning of bro abbreviation?
The meaning of bro abbreviation is "Brothers Reaching Out".
What is bro abbreviation?
One of the definitions of bro is "Brothers Reaching Out".
What does bro mean?
bro as abbreviation means "Brothers Reaching Out".
What is shorthand of Brothers Reaching Out?
The most common shorthand of "Brothers Reaching Out" is bro.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word bro in term.