What does JK mean?

JK means Just kidding

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What is the abbreviation for Just kidding?

Just kidding can be abbreviated as JK
Other shorthands for Just kidding are: J/K, JFK, jk
What does JK mean? It stands for Just kidding
JK - Just kidding in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having JK

I haven't slept in DAYS hopefully I don't pass out on stage tonight... JK IM TOO HYPE FOR THIS SHOW TO DO THAT AHAHAH

How magical! @jk_rowling and the incredible cast and crew of #FantasticBeasts at the European premiere in London

pretty sure I dreamed a new harry potter book last night and now I can't remember it. wonder if this ever happens to @jk_rowling...?

I've been so well rested lately.... lol sike jk

"It's like the family is back together." - @jk_rowling #FantasticBeasts

ad for jk rowling's fantastic beasts and where to find them: wat if harry poter was pokemon

"My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice." -Newt Scamander (Thank you @jk_rowling )

"Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve" - @jk_rowling

We've lost 6255 (1988-2016) security personnel in terror violence in JK. 3373 martyrd between 2000-2016 (including attacks like Uri). Peace?

Happy birthday to you, JK! Beautiful goal.....beautiful day! #UTV

More Comments with JK...

In the future I shall go an entire year without having to make an "official statement" about my career. #jk #edgy #corners #rightangle #huh?

Adam Griffith nailing 50-yard FGs & JK Scott hitting 50-yard punts during pregame warmups. #RollTide #BAMAvsARK

Ew no we do?! Haha jk ;) we do love that word for some reason! Lol #TotalBellas

shorter Comey: jk lol

Sarah supports Jason Dy, Klarisse, JK at concert

Selesai rapat dengan Presiden @jokowi dan Wapres @Pak_JK, menjadi pengemudi bagi Menteri2 Ekonomi #KE2JANYATA

Survei SMRC: 61,4 Persen Warga Puas dengan Kinerja Jokowi-JK

PDIP: Oposisi Tak Mungkin Akui Keberhasilan Jokowi-JK

Politisi Gerindra Ini Sebut Dua Tahun Jokowi-JK Adalah Hasil Produk SBY.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does JK stand for?
JK stands for "Just kidding".
How to abbreviate "Just kidding"?
"Just kidding" can be abbreviated as JK.
What is the meaning of JK abbreviation?
The meaning of JK abbreviation is "Just kidding".
What is JK abbreviation?
One of the definitions of JK is "Just kidding".
What does JK mean?
JK as abbreviation means "Just kidding".
What is shorthand of Just kidding?
The most common shorthand of "Just kidding" is JK.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word JK in term.