What does sux mean?

sux means sucks

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What is the abbreviation for sucks?

sucks can be abbreviated as sux
Other shorthands for sucks are: suxx, suk, sot, FAIL, suxor, sukz
What does sux mean? It stands for sucks
sux - sucks in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having sux

lean sux

LA early vote line was 4 hr wait. bring book/good company/food/booze..empty ur bowels b4..sux if u have ur period.good place 2 make friends

@PG_ESAM no you sux

i just wanna make music and hang with my friends, everything else sux

weekend league dream team around AGUERO! cuz my chat sux. @twitch

Sanders, in sum: Hey, I'm more disappointed about losing this than you. Vote for me anyway! Revolution! Also, media sux #DemConvention

#tfw u throw up cause someone sux so bad

Rubio said he'd serve all sux years or even longer

Well, this sux.

Kirk is toast; he's also a preening jerk who started the beef with DJT to build his crappy brand. Kharma sux, Marky K. @seanmdav

More Comments with sux...

Anxiety sux.

I miss hangin w all my friends I've met on tour. Sux

Can I tell U what sux? It sux that I have 2 explain 2 my sons what a suicide bomber is & "why" they do what they do. THAT, my friends, SUX.

Troll: "Bro u sux. U bald chutz. hope u dies!" Me: "Just unfollow dude." T: "Y? U cnt take constructive feedback o wat?" Yes.

About to go see superman vs batman, gonna sleep if the movie sux

luv sux kno that

it sux being young and dumb

This guy...quite literally standing front and center...not making many fans. It says "JR SUX"

ya know I'm generally a pretty happy dude but sometimes things happen that make me feel like not so much of a happy dude and that kinda sux


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What does sux stand for?
sux stands for "sucks".
How to abbreviate "sucks"?
"sucks" can be abbreviated as sux.
What is the meaning of sux abbreviation?
The meaning of sux abbreviation is "sucks".
What is sux abbreviation?
One of the definitions of sux is "sucks".
What does sux mean?
sux as abbreviation means "sucks".
What is shorthand of sucks?
The most common shorthand of "sucks" is sux.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word sux in term.